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Gojiberry’s Love Affair with Northwest Natural Pet Food

Gojiberry’s Love Affair with Northwest Natural Pet Food

If you have been keeping up with Clubpets, you would be familiar with GojiBerry and her pawrents. If you are brand new to our page, welcome. Meet Gojiberry, an ex-stray cat that is currently snuggling in the arms of two loving pawrents. Being a well-loved cat with a calm personality, it is difficult to tell that Gojiberry has health implications from her dark past.

Meet Gojiberry

During her time as a stray, Gojiberry faced much adversity. From the mishaps faced, Gojiberry walked away with a paralyzed left hind leg. The damage was extensive and this has resulted in another implication: constipation.

Gojiberry’s Love Affair with Northwest Natural Pet Food

Health Condition

Like humans, when constipation is left unresolved, it can lead to extremely serious consequences. For cats, it can lead to obstipation (painful defecation) or megacolon. Megacolon is an advanced stage of chronic cat constipation. This condition is often unresponsive to medical management.

Previous Diet

Previously, Gojiberry is a on a wet food diet, along with freeze dried meals and treats. When it comes to Gojiberry’s diet, her pawrents typically look for credible brands that promise balanced and highly nutritious diets.

After a tiresome hunt for freeze dried food options Gojiberry, her pawrents chanced upon Northwest Naturals. Back then, they were still testing out several brands that suit their feline’s taste buds. Upon discovering Northwest Naturals in April 2022, Gojiberry’s pawrents have not looked back since.

Gojiberry’s Love Affair with Northwest Natural Pet Food

Introducing Northwest Naturals

Northwest Naturals is a longstanding brand that provides life-prolonging and easy-to-feed food to all pets. Every product is formulated based on the principles of raw food diet preparation. A believer in Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF), this means that Northwest Naturals’ products are devised based on a wild cat’s needs for raw meat and required nutrients. This ensures that all the macro and micronutrients are delivered straight to our fur-kid’s tummy.

Gojiberry’s Love Affair with Northwest Natural Pet Food

Testimonial from Gojiberry’s Pawrents:

Ever since Gojiberry made the switch, she has been more active and playful with an increased appetite! Her instances of constipation have largely reduced in the past few months, as compared to a year ago. Not to mention her healthy furcoat.

What Northwest Naturals is Doing Right

So, what is Northwest Naturals doing differently? For one, Northwest Naturals’ products only consist of one ingredient per product. However, with a variety of protein selection to choose from, you can rest assured that your feline will have a diverse diet! The products are also free of any artificial additives, making them au naturel.

Gojiberry’s Love Affair with Northwest Natural Pet Food

Final Word from Gojiberry’s Pawrents

We would recommend Northwest Naturals to any pawrent who’s furkid has allergies and sensitivities. With the single-ingredient recipe, Northwest Naturals will help in isolating or avoiding the allergies and sensitivities that your pet faces.

Keen on making the switch? Here are some ways you can prepare the food for your feline:

  1. Serve as it is during mealtime
  2. Re-hydrate with water to switch up the texture and increase fluid intake
  3. Use as treats to train and motivate your furkid

Make the switch to Northwest Naturals today! Made with pride from USA! Your pet will love you for it. To find out more, head to their website here.

Check out Northwest Naturals’ SEA Instagram & Facebook for more information!

Check out Northwest Naturals’ Facebook for more information!

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