Global pet industries bridged South-East Asia

22 August 2019 – Bangkok, Thailand

South-East Asia builds its first international business hub for the pet industry in 2020. Today’s pet industry is united more than ever to bring global expertise and brands to South-East Asia.

In this rapid developing region consisting of 650 million inhabitants, the middle class is driving growth in the pet industry. Pet Fair Asia (Shanghai), the largest exhibition for pet supplies globally, welcomes every year new records of South-East Asian exporters and buyers. Businesses from across South-East Asia serve market’s demanding pet owners and need to keep up with their evolving needs. With innovation as the best option to differentiate from the competition, professionals are actively seeking for new brands and products annually. Pet Fair Asia is building the South-East Asian pet business hub. It envisions building a world-class trade-fair in October 2020. The Pet Fair South-East Asia will be connected to markets in the North America, Europe, East-Asia and emerging South-Asia / Middle-East.

Building and introducing brands to new markets requires an even more innovative market place. South-East Asian market size is still relatively small, compared with other parts of the world such as in the USA and Europe. However growth will be realized by adding value to distribution and certainly through education of retailers and pet owners. For that reason, leadership is required and Pet Fair South-East Asia will take brands to the right level of influence. South-East Asia shall not become a commodity driven trading region but instead of market-zone for the pet industry, driven innovation.

Pet Fair South-East Asia (South-East Asia) will be a global initiative, driving change in the pet industry with the support of launch partners including leading global brands and institutions. Organized by VNU, known as organizers of VIV Asia and Pet Fair Asia trade shows, Pet Fair South-East Asia will do its utmost to bring innovative leadership to the region. Supported by 21 regional associations, media partners and the Asia Pet Alliance, Pet Fair South-East Asia will take place on October 14 to 16, 2020 in Bangkok, Thailand.

Pet Fair South-East Asia will be a unique business to business trade-fair connected to existing network of consumer events, driving innovation downstream to pet owners. Pet Fair South-East Asia will use its global network, connecting overseas markets to South-East Asia. A world-class conference focusing on pet health, novelty ingredients and business trends will take place along with the show, inspiring entrepreneurs from the region and beyond into new directions.

Common visionaries:

Global pet industries bridged South-East Asia

Dr. Shane Ryan, President of World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA)

“An emergent middle class with increased societal affluence coupled with a greater awareness of animal welfare will mean a greater demand for high quality companion animal veterinarians & veterinary services in South East Asia. This demand cannot currently be met by the veterinary profession in many areas. Improved undergraduate education with a focus on companion animals is needed, along with post graduate training & continuing education for practitioners. This, however, will take time & utilize overseas expertise & tele-medicine in its various forms will assist in the short to medium term

Global pet industries bridged South-East Asia

Mr. Choy Peng Yew, CEO of Pet World Marketing (Malaysia)

“The Pet Food Industry in South-East Asia is changing rapidly with the propagation of the humanization trend. The consumer is more mindful in the quality and transparency of pet nutrition. The disruption of e-commerce from a rising contingent of millennials are changing the retail patterns while elevating the pet food business to a whole new era”

Global pet industries bridged South-East Asia

Mr. David Ng, Executive Director and CEO of Pet Lovers (Singapore)

“Since our inception, PLC has been working tirelessly to translate love and passion for pets into real value, by offering pets and pet owners alike unparalleled access to quality products and services in an environment that is unique and fun. All this is in line with our vision to be Asia Pacific’s leader in pet care services.”

Global pet industries bridged South-East Asia

Mr. Manuel Madani, Project Manager of Pet Fair SE ASIA

“South-East Asia pet business is building its foundation for the future. Looking at the Pet Fair Asia brands today, you find highly innovative community, serving the earliest adapters at market. They drive great changes to pet industries in South-East Asian nations, making things much better in the markets. Pet Fair Asia will be home to brands that add value and serve the demanding customers in the market. The regions account for 3.7 billion dollars of market size that can surely grow over 20% annually. This will happen if it remains in the right direction related to Leadership in content and innovation. Having such cooperation with Pet Fair is a very important. This means together with thought-leaders we’ll be able to build an innovative future market. One that bridges the world expertise to the growing region. In Bangkok, we will be happy to be the host of ASEAN Pet industry to the world stage”

Global pet industries bridged South-East Asia

Mr. Somsak Amornrattanachaikul, CEO of Monchou (Thailand)

“MONCHOU” is a French word meaning “darling” representing the love between my pet and me. We are ready to give back lifelong happiness by MONCHOU’s premium products, to take care of our lovely pet with love every day. Our business is behind the success of many world-class brands. Therefore this makes me think that I should use my experience and facilities to create one of the best brands in the pet food business. Moreover, the love I received from my pets, whenever I come home, inspired me to create “MONCHOU.”

Global pet industries bridged South-East Asia

Dr. Kitika Chaisupatanakul, CEO of Thonglor Hospital Group (Thailand)

“Thonglor Pet Hospital believes in sustainable growth with quality. As a leading pet hospital in Thailand, Thonglor Pet Hospital aims to innovate in ways to improve pet lives by pushing the boundaries of veterinary practices in Thailand. Thonglor Pet Hospital is passionate about their core value ‘LIFE’ which is abbreviated from Listen & Learn, Innovation, Focus on Quality & Efficiency and Empathy & Ethics. All of which supports our vision to become the leader in pet healthcare in South-East Asia.”

Global pet industries bridged South-East Asia

Mr. Roger Lund, VP of International Sales (USA)

“At Solid Gold, we are inspired by our founder to take a holistic approach to gut health as we believe high quality food is the best way to impact our pet’s mind, body, and spirit. That’s why our carefully crafted recipes cleanse with whole superfoods. They are balanced with living probiotics, and fueled with omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for gut health and overall immune support. This allows our product to nourish your pet, inside and out. During the last 2 years, we have focused on our efforts expanding to markets outside of the USA who have been demanding our products.  We are fortunate to have a solid and growing market presence in Southeast Asia, servicing pet parents and their babies in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. We remain focused on fulfilling our founder’s vision of a transformative nutrition platform that supports the lifelong health and vitality of all pets.”

Pet Fair South-East Asia aims to drive change to innovative food, care and supplies, creating a new industry culture. Over 250 innovators are to be fully hosted: Return air tickets, 2-night hotel accommodation, fair and conference admission will be granted to those who qualify.

Co-host and partners

Global pet industries bridged South-East Asia

Home to 65,000 trade visitors and 1,600 exhibitors, Pet Fair Asia (Shanghai) drives the Asian pet industry with World’s top brands. Today the fair accounts to be Asia’s brand oriented fair with world-class content. Pet Fair Asia holds 14 halls and covers 185,000m2 of expertise and solutions. Pet Fair Asia takes place from August 21 to 25, 2019

Global pet industries bridged South-East Asia

The Asia Pet Alliance is designed to influence the industry development beyond China and further facilitate the development of the pet industry in Asia. The meeting gathered key opinion leaders: suppliers, brands and distributors including long lasting pillars of the industry in China and rising companies. It also conduct initiatives to assist its members to achieve success in the Asian pet market and promote industry innovation and healthy development, exchanges, communication and interaction between Asian regional markets and other regional markets in the world:


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