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Feelings Of A Feline: The Love Language of Cats

Feelings Of A Feline: The Love Language of Cats

Feelings Of A Feline: The Love Language of Cats

While cats may not be as outwardly affectionate as dogs, that doesn’t mean that our kitties are cold and clinical! Just like how dogs show their love with licks, pawing and tail wags, cats have a language of love that we need to decipher. We break down their aloof behavior and make it easy for you to spot exactly when your cat is saying that she loves you, so that you can say it back!

Kneading Feelings Of A Feline: The Love Language of Cats

Kittens have an intrinsic habit of kneading their mother’s belly when feeding and it is a habit they often carry with them into adulthood. Look out for signs of them kneading blankets or the ground when you’re near, or even when they are laying on your chest or legs. This shows a level of trust and reliance on you that is rare to come by! The harder they knead your flesh, the more they love – if it gets painful, just place a thick blanket between the both of you to protect yourself from kitty’s claws.

Cat eye kisses Feelings Of A Feline: The Love Language of Cats

One of the most obvious ways to know if your cat is showing you signs of affection, this “slow blink” is a languid, obvious blinking gaze that many cat owners are familiar with. Blink back slowly to return the love, and enjoy your special moment with your favorite furry feline.

Telltale tail Feelings Of A Feline: The Love Language of Cats

Pet owners are often confused by the mixed tail signals between cats and dogs, so we did a little research. A whipping motion signifies aggression, however a gentle flick is your cat’s way of seeking attention. When their tails are held upright with a little curl at the end like a question mark, it is a good sign that they are feeling warm and happy. If they wrap their tail around your legs or flick it against you, that’s an even better sign.

Love bites

When playing with your cat, she may try to nip at your fingers. This isn’t a bad sign – treat these as love bites because it is definitely your pet’s way of showing you that she loves you! When playing with other cats, kitties nip at each other affectionately too. This is no cause for concern, as their skin is tougher than ours and they are just teasing each other.

Bringing gifts Feelings Of A Feline: The Love Language of Cats

If your cat ever brings you a dead cockroach (or a dead rat, but hopefully this never happens), accept this gruesome gift with gratitude. Cats are hunters by nature and know when to share their food and findings with their family. The best way to respond when your cat brings you toys or dead critters is to accept her gift and shower her with love, and feel touched that you are always on her mind.

While cats may not always be outwardly affectionate with us, they do appreciate our love and care. With patience and a lot of belly rubs and slow blinking, your cat will feel your affection and respond back in kind, and it will be the fuzziest feeling of all.

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