Feeding Smart

Singapore-based company Smart Pet Care has launched its new app-controlled device, Smart Pet Feeder. The company is known for empowering pet owners with innovative home tools to change the way they care for their furkids.

The Smart Pet Feeder (SGD$338) helps to ensure that pets eat on time, and also offers peace of mind to pet owners. Using an inventive and smart technology, users can preset the quantity of food they want to feed their pet without having to worry about being late or over-feeding their cats and dogs.

Besides the device itself, all you need is WiFi or 3G/4G network and a smartphone to utilise the app, which is available for download over iOS and Android. The Smart Pet Feeder app allows pet owners to dispense food through the feeder device with the touch of a button or through a set timer; set the appropriate amount of food in each dispense to avoid overfeeding; switch on nearby devices, such as televisions and air conditioning units; and even record the owner’s voice to announce to the pet that it’s meal time.

Said Eski Quek, CEO of Smart Pet Care: “Smart Pet Care’s edge is leveraging smart home technology to empower pet owners not only to control a pet feeder or camera, but also (to convert) their common lamp, TV (and) aircon for pet care application.

“At the same time, the pet lover and family get to benefit from the utility of smart home control too!”

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