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Essential Feline Supplies Every Cat Owner Needs In Singapore

Essential Feline Supplies Every Cat Owner Needs In Singapore

Regardless of whether you’re a first time or seasoned cat owner, it’s always good to check if you have all the right essentials for your cat to live comfortably!

Here is a top essentials list well-loved by every kitty and their human companion in Singapore.

When you’re not at home but your kitty is

Ferplast pet food and water dispenser

Provide a steady stream of food or water with this automatic cat food dispenser. You will simply need to load the dispenser with water or food before leaving the house and your kitty won’t go hungry without you! Thanks to the transparent exterior, you can check how much volume of food and water is left in the dispenser. The gravity feeding system ensures a fresh food supply. Hence, you’ll no longer need to keep fussing or overlooking your feline’s meal schedule.

Smart drinking fountain – AcePet Auto Drinker

An auto drinker is a dream come true for all cat owners. Save yourself the trouble of constantly having to fill up a water bowl. With this smart drinking fountain, it has a re-circulating water system to prevent stagnation. It even has an active-carbon filter to purify the water stream. With multi-level water pools, it is suitable for cats of different ages or sizes.

At home

Pet Zone Smart Fence


Keep your little ones comfortable and safe with this smart fence, which allows you to change the desired angle and shape of the fencing even after you have assembled it. It’s perfect for occasions when you want to keep your feline in a specific area, or have guests over at your place.

When you are out with your cat

Pet carrier – Moderna Hipster


Going out and about Singapore should always be a fun and satisfying experience. Get a dynamic carrier which is crafted to let kitty enjoy the beautiful outdoors in a safe environment. Travel in comfort with an easy to carry handle. Rest assured that kitty has lots of ventilation to breathe. Best of all, the carrier can be used together with a water bottle. Being made out of premium quality plastic for long lasting use, it is definitely a worthwhile buy.

Pet wipes – Pet Head Kitty Wipes


You can never buy too many deshedding cat wipes. It’s key to keeping your feline clean and healthy. Using pet wipes regularly helps to promote healthy fur coats, prevent dry skin, as well as get rid of allergens within the fur. These kitty wipes are safe to use on your pets’ eyes, ears, face, and bodies. It’s suitable for daily use on all cats of all ages. Do take note that these should not be used on broken, irritated skin, or near open wounds.

With that, your feline can now live more comfortably and grow to be happy, strong, and healthy.