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Coco's Profile

Hello everyone, I'm Coco!

I'm the ambassador of clubpets magazine and like everyone else in the office, I go to work from 9-6pm every Monday to Friday.

Sometimes, I go for events during the weekends and this usually happens by the time I get home.

coco-iconHere are a few of my favourite hobbies.

  • Eating
  • Sleeping
  • Playing with my favourite toy

Right now, I am able to do ‘Paw’, ‘Sit’, ‘Down’,‘Flip’ and ‘Stay’. I am still in the process of learning new tricks but for now, here’s a video of me when I know that it’s time to go home.

coco hobbies and skills image

coco-iconAsk Me Questions

coco ask me questions image

I usually have nothing much to do when I am not busy eating and sleeping so please drop me a few questions here and I’ll try my best to answer them quickly.

coco email image

coco-iconQuestions For Coco:

  • 1. Coco, are you a girl or boy?

    I am a girl! People tend to mistake me for a boy but noooo I am a girl. Do I not look like one?

    coco question 1
  • 2. How old are you?

    Hey peeps! I will be turning six on the 16th of June this year. That makes me a witty, communicative and gorgeous being always ready for fun! Hehe. I added the gorgeous part but all of my friends can attest to that ;)

coco with question

coco-iconHappy Birthday Coco

coco-iconCoco's Treat of the month

My favourite treat for this month:

Loyalty Pet Treats (Duck Foie Gras)

Loyalty Pet Treats is an all natural premium product, which uses the Nutrieseal™ process to dry pure lean meat at low humidity and low temperatures. The end result are treats that have retained as much of their nutritional value possible! This Duck Foie Gras treat is a good source of vitamin A and iron! I simply could not resist these irresistible treats :p

month of the treat

coco-iconCoco's Blog

  • CoCo blog | Longest Pets Magazine in Singapore

    Pawsome Pee Pad

    Date: 01/02/2019

    Hey, pawpals!

    I’ve just heard some exciting news from my furends recently and I wanted to share it with you. I met my furends—both young and old—over the week and all of them were barking about this particular item – the Vitgreen’s Charcoal Pet Sheet Pee Pad!

    CoCo' blog | pets magazine in Singapore

    I thought that it was pretty amazing how most of my pals were raving about the same product, so I went to look it up. Turns out, my furends were right – this pee pad is really beneficial to my fellow canines!

    The bamboo and charcoal infused pee pad not only helps my pals-in-training, it also helps to neutralise odours! My pals also told me that because of the pad’s quick-drying surface, they can walk around the house confidently without having to worry about leaving a trail behind them. And it even helped my older pals, who struggle more with going about their business, as well!

    This pee pad has really helped my furneds gain the title of good boys from their pawrents – which is a real treat for them! Get your own Vitgreen Charcoal Pet Sheet Pee Pad from Vitgreen at the limited offer of $12 (UP $16.90) for a 100 small, 50 medium or 20 large pads.

    I hope you share your experience with me!

    Till next time, pals!

  • CoCo blog | Longest Pets Magazine in Singapore

    Dolito the Pet-Whisperer

    Date: 31/01/2019

    Hey pals!

    I’ve recently learnt something really interesting and I had to share it with you. Have you heard of pet communication?

    CoCo' blog | pets magazine in Singapore

    Mummy told me that a Taiwan-based pet-whisperer was recently in Singapore for an animal communication event that she conducted in Happenstance Cafe, and that was how we heard about her unique skills!

    Animal communication expert Dolito is a not like any other hooman – in fact, she can understand what we think and how we feel! Isn’t that amazing?

    I was both surprised and thrilled to learn that a hooman can actually understand us. I was so fascinated by her talent that I went to find out more about her and stumbled upon her website. Pals, it was so interesting! She has written about her sessions and what each pup she met wanted to relay to their pawrents – I could really relate to some of those pups!

    I really hope I get to meet Dolito soon and have a session with Mummy. Maybe then, I can also tell Mummy know how much I love and appreciate her and how life couldn’t be better.

    Till next time pals!

  • CoCo blog | Longest Pets Magazine in Singapore

    Happy New Year!

    Date: 30/01/2019

    Hey pawpals,

    Happy New Year!

    CoCo' blog | pets magazine in Singapore

    Can you believe it’s already 2019? I can’t believe it myself. 2018 sure went past in the wag of a tail! I hope you’ve been having a great year so far and in line of my new year resolution to adopt a better diet, I’ve recently been introduced to a nutritious and tasty treat – the Tasty Bone! It’s such an amazing treat that I just had to share it with you.

    First of all, the Tasty Bone is what it sounds – a tasty bone hehe. Unlike the bones we’re used to, these treats are made of everlasting flavour that never seems to fade even though I’ve been chewing on it for days!

    Mummy told me that the Tasty Bone also protects my teeth and gums against infections, tooth loss and saves Mummy from spending at the vet’s – so that’s lesser trips to the vet for me hehe.

    The treat is available in two different flavours, chicken and beef. But I heard that there are over 10 different flavours to choose from!

    The Tasty Bone is like a toy and a snack packed into one. How cool is that? You can get yours from Adec Distribution for $9.50 for a toy bone, $11.90 for a small bone and $19.90 for a large Tasty Bone.

    Time to get chewin’!

    See you soon, pals

  • CoCo blog | Longest Pets Magazine in Singapore

    X’mas Fashion Paw-rade: Coco Kennel x Star Pets Hub

    Date: 06/12/2018

    Can’t believe we are already in December!

    You know what that means? It means… Christmas is coming!

    This year, I had a mini fashion parade adorning a couple of very cute X’mas outfits from Star Pets Hub. Thank you Joanna for the lovely outfits!

    Presenting to you…… Coco Kennel x Star Pets Hub collection!

    CoCo' blog | pets magazine in SingaporeMiss Elf-ridge
    CoCo' blog | pets magazine in SingaporeSanta Girl
    CoCo' blog | pets magazine in SingaporeGingerbread Lady

    Keep a lookout for upcoming issue of Clubpets, where a couple of other doggo friends will be modelling this line of dresses alongside me! :)