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Coco's Profile

Hello everyone, I'm Coco!

I'm the ambassador of clubpets magazine and like everyone else in the office, I go to work from 9-6pm every Monday to Friday.

Sometimes, I go for events during the weekends and this usually happens by the time I get home.

coco-iconHere are a few of my favourite hobbies.

  • Eating
  • Sleeping
  • Playing with my favourite toy

Right now, I am able to do ‘Paw’, ‘Sit’, ‘Down’,‘Flip’ and ‘Stay’. I am still in the process of learning new tricks but for now, here’s a video of me when I know that it’s time to go home.

coco hobbies and skills image

coco-iconAsk Me Questions

coco ask me questions image

I usually have nothing much to do when I am not busy eating and sleeping so please drop me a few questions here and I’ll try my best to answer them quickly.

coco email image

coco-iconQuestions For Coco:

  • 1. Coco, are you a girl or boy?

    I am a girl! People tend to mistake me for a boy but noooo I am a girl. Do I not look like one?

    coco question 1
  • 2. How old are you?

    Hey peeps! I will be turning six on the 16th of June this year. That makes me a witty, communicative and gorgeous being always ready for fun! Hehe. I added the gorgeous part but all of my friends can attest to that ;)

coco with question

coco-iconHappy Birthday Coco

coco-iconCoco's Treat of the month

My favourite treat for this month:

Loyalty Pet Treats (Duck Foie Gras)

Loyalty Pet Treats is an all natural premium product, which uses the Nutrieseal™ process to dry pure lean meat at low humidity and low temperatures. The end result are treats that have retained as much of their nutritional value possible! This Duck Foie Gras treat is a good source of vitamin A and iron! I simply could not resist these irresistible treats :p

month of the treat

coco-iconCoco's Blog

  • CoCo blog | Longest Pets Magazine in Singapore

    X’mas Fashion Paw-rade: Coco Kennel x Star Pets Hub

    Date: 06/12/2018

    Can’t believe we are already in December!

    You know what that means? It means… Christmas is coming!

    This year, I had a mini fashion parade adorning a couple of very cute X’mas outfits from Star Pets Hub. Thank you Joanna for the lovely outfits!

    Presenting to you…… Coco Kennel x Star Pets Hub collection!

    CoCo' blog | pets magazine in SingaporeMiss Elf-ridge
    CoCo' blog | pets magazine in SingaporeSanta Girl
    CoCo' blog | pets magazine in SingaporeGingerbread Lady

    Keep a lookout for upcoming issue of Clubpets, where a couple of other doggo friends will be modelling this line of dresses alongside me! :)

  • CoCo blog | Longest Pets Magazine in Singapore

    Coco, the Greatest Showdog!

    Date: 12/11/2018

    Happy Monday, furpals!

    Hope everyone had a pawsome weekend!

    Everyone has the impression that this is what I do in office on a daily basis while my hooman friends are hard at work…

    CoCo' blog | pets magazine in Singapore

    I may appear to be lazing around, but did you know that I have hidden talents as well?

    CoCo' blog | pets magazine in Singapore

    I’m good, aren’t I? Heh heh.

    You guys should also check out some of my friends who came down for the CSC open house just last month. They are all soooo talented! If you haven’t done so, go check them out below and vote for your favourite doggo:

    Remember that 1 Like + 1 Comment makes up 1 valid vote :)

    Happy voting and may the best doggo win!

  • CoCo blog | Longest Pets Magazine in Singapore

    Coco is Back!

    Date: 29/10/2018

    Harro fwenth,

    Long time no bork! Mummy made me rest at home a lot because I was wheezing non-stop. I miss my hooman fwenth at Citrus so Mummy decided to bring me along when I started to feel better. I hope they missed me too!

    When I got to office, my hooman (human) fwenth were all deep into an important meeting.

    CoCo' blog | pets magazine in Singapore

    Look at Uncle Jacky, I wonder what he is thinking so hard about… Being a considerate furry fwen, I sat and listen quietly while they spoke hooman woofs that I did not truly understand.

    Less than 5 minutes later, this happened...

    CoCo' blog | pets magazine in SingaporeA *high-pitched yawn* emerges

    Meetings are boring.

    How do hoomans do this all the time at work?

    CoCo' blog | pets magazine in SingaporeOh well, moving on...

    CoCo' blog | pets magazine in SingaporeThis lap is comfy.. let me just fall... ashhh..sleep here...

    Oh we have a new furry member called AM from events and marketing! It is my first time interacting with her today and I like her already because she lets me doze off on her lap, hehe.. ^^ Let’s be pals, ok?

  • CoCo blog | Longest Pets Magazine in Singapore

    Throwback to last year’s Halloween Party!

    Date: 22/10/2018

    Hihi furry pals, Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

    Besides my barkday each year, another event I always look forward to is HALLOWEEN because I get to dress up and become a different Coco!

    Last year, I got to become a SuperDoggo. Guess which Super characters Mummy and friends dressed me up as? A few hints:

    1. Someone strong, beautiful and brave
    2. Someone who saves others when night falls

    Make a guess!

    They are none other than...

    CoCo' blog | pets magazine in SingaporeThe almighty Wonder Woman!!!


    CoCo' blog | pets magazine in SingaporeThe fur-ociousbat girl!!!

    Coco is usually a brave girl, but dressing up as a superdoggo made me feel ten times braver! My hope is that one day, I hope to help save other doggos from abandonment and bad owners.

    Speaking of saving my fellow furballs, there are more and more animal shelters surfacing in Singapore, which Coco is very very pleased about! My hope is that, more humans will help make a difference - even if it is just volunteering, donating or spreading awareness about these doggos.

    I strongly encourage all of my fellow dog lovers to visit these animal shelters to show the furry pals some love:

    • Animal Lover’s League (ALL)
    • Causes for Animals (CAS)
    • Mutts and Mittens
    • The Right to Live Singapore
    • Save Our Street Dogs (SOSD)
    • Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA)

    Till next time!

  • CoCo blog | Longest Pets Magazine in Singapore

    Happy Mooncake Day!

    Date: 02/10/2018

    Hihi furry pals, Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

    I call it mooncake day because the main highlight is, of course, the yummy mooncake!

    CoCo' blog | pets magazine in Singapore

    Patiently waiting for Mummy to sort out the massive mooncake delivery, so that she can send them out to our work pals.

    CoCo' blog | pets magazine in Singapore

    Awww... a box for me too?

    CoCo' blog | pets magazine in Singapore

    Mummy, what’s inside? Can I have some?

    CoCo' blog | pets magazine in Singapore

    Oooh… there’s more? *sniff sniff*

    CoCo' blog | pets magazine in Singapore

    Oops! I got caught trying to take a lick…

    It smells so yummy I wanted to take a teeny tiny bite out of it.

    But Mummy warned me that this is not dog-friendly mooncake, so… oh well. I hope everyone had their fill of mooncakes and 中秋节快乐to everyone!

  • CoCo blog | Longest Pets Magazine in Singapore

    Ozone Shower Power

    Date: 25/09/2018

    Hey pawpals,

    CoCo' blog | pets magazine in Singapore

    I’ve recently tried something new and I just had to share it with you guys – it’s the Ozone Water - ADSEC Pet Shower.

    As you may know, I have fairly sensitive skin and I am not exactly a fan of shower time (who is, right?). But, I decided to give the Ozone Water - ADSEC Pet Shower a chance and it was the best decision I made!

    I no longer suffer from skin irritation after each shower with the chemical-free water water and my fur feels silky smooth – even if I say so myself! In fact, Mummy and my colleagues have noticed the change and have been complimenting my fur. It really makes my pup heart happy to hear that.

    CoCo' blog | pets magazine in Singapore

    Do you know what the best part about this shower is, pals? Not only does it eliminate odour and bacteria without the use of soap, I feel super refreshed after each bath. You’ve got to try this au-naturel wonder, furpals. I got mine at how2livelong.sg and you can get yours there too!

    In fact, quote “clubpets” and you’ll receive a secret gift with every purchase!

    Now it’s time for my shower.

    CoCo' blog | pets magazine in Singapore

    See you soon, pals!

  • CoCo blog | Longest Pets Magazine in Singapore

    Coco’s Secret Admirer

    Date: 23/07/2018

    Hey buds, Coco here again! How have you guys been? Today, I wanted to share something really special with you guys.

    CoCo' blog | pets magazine in Singapore

    On my 6th Barkday, I received this beautiful portrait of myself from a secret admirer! Mummy refuses to tell me who painted it. >.< (I really think that Mummy painted it herself because I know she is my biggest fan ;P)

    CoCo' blog | pets magazine in Singapore

    Check out the reference photo! I am truly impressed with how similar it is and I also can’t believe it is painted with watercolours. ^^

    CoCo' blog | pets magazine in Singapore

    One day when Mummy was scrolling through her phone, I SPOTTED THIS PHOTO which revealed who painted my portrait! It is none other than Jalon, who is also known as The Unconventional Artist! He is so talented, you can watch his painting process on Instagram live, it’s so magical! ^^ He also conducts workshops, so perhaps next time, I will be able to attend it and learn watercolour painting so that I can draw Mummy and give it to her as a gift! ;P Alright, that’s all for today. See you soon fur-tastic furballs, don’t forget to get your portrait done by the talented Jalon! <3

  • CoCo blog | Longest Pets Magazine in Singapore

    Coco’s Time to Shine!

    Date: 06/07/2018

    Hey furry pals! I have something really exciting to share with you guys today! ^^ Recently, I made my first variety show appearance on the latest episode of Let’s Shoot! By Noontalk. I never thought this day would come. Now I am one stop closer to being COCO the FUR-BULOUS ACTRESS! >.<

    CoCo' blog | pets magazine in Singapore

    In this episode, my human friends - Xu Bin, Zijie, Aloysius, Kimberly, Angel and Joshua were split into 2 groups and were tasked to unleash their creativity and shoot a commercial for Wellness Pets Food.

    CoCo' blog | pets magazine in Singapore

    I was lucky enough to have been placed in this team! We shot a really humorous and funny commercial together and it was a fur-bulous experience working with them! ^^

    CoCo' blog | pets magazine in Singapore

    The opposing team was also quite impressive I must say, they had a really different paw-spective and approach to the commercial. It was really artistic! (But of course, I like my commercial more as I am featured in it ;P)

    AND GUESS WHAT FURBALLS. During this shoot, I got to meet the fur-mous DASMOND KOH! ^^ I am such a fan of his work and I was really starstruck when I met him! :P That’s all I wanted to share today fellow furballs. Do watch the episode here and don’t forget to comment which commercial is your favourite! (ahem, mine is better ;P) See you soon furry friends, time to start drafting my speech when I win Best Female Actress for the Star Awards! :-)

  • CoCo blog | Longest Pets Magazine in Singapore

    Coco’s Loyal to Loyalty Pet Treats!

    Date: 05/07/2018

    Did someone say: YOU WANT TREATS? When I hear that.. It only means one thing… duck foie gras treats from Loyalty Pet Treats

    CoCo' blog | pets magazine in Singapore

    Usually, I only get excited when mummy says “Coco, let’s go Gai Gai” or when I get see mummy after her dreadfully long meetings and lunch time! But when I hear the rattling of the treats packet and get a waft of the irresistible duck foie gras scent.. I can perform ANY trick (includes: sit, down, paw and rollover) just to get my favourite treat - that’s how loyal I am! ^^

    CoCo' blog | pets magazine in Singapore

    For my 6th Barkday party, I really wish to thank Loyalty Pet Treats for providing my beloved duck foie gras treats in my barkday goodie bag! With their help, I’m able to share my love for it with everyone. I am also super lucky to have received even more treats from them! Move aside, duck foie gras! >.< Let’s see if you remain my favourite after trying these other mouth-watering flavours: Kangaroo Steak, Chicken Breast and Beef Chunks! Which flavour do you think you will like fellow furballs? ^^ That’s all for today furry folks, see you in my next post! :-)

  • CoCo blog | Longest Pets Magazine in Singapore

    Coco’s 6th Barkday Cake

    Date: 03/07/2018

    Hey fur friends! Are you planning a barkday party soon? What are some things to take note of when picking the paw-fect barkday cake? DON’T WORRY, Coco’s got you covered fellow furballs ;P I’m here to share with you how to get your ideal customized barkday cake! ^^

    CoCo' blog | pets magazine in Singapore

    Step 1: Get in touch with the lovely hoomans at The Snoring Dog Gourmet!

    Step 2: Check out their website and Instagram to get inspiration on how you wish your cake to look like visually!

    CoCo' blog | pets magazine in Singapore

    Step 3: Determine key details that will affect the look of your cake.

    - Diet preferences: This will affect the type of ingredients used when making the cake!
    - Furry friends invited: This will determine the size of the cake! (Tip: You can opt for a two-tier cake if more furry friends are coming, this also gives the cake height and dimension which looks really pretty in photos!)
    - Theme of pawty: This will guide you in choosing the colour scheme of your barkday cake and also the type of decorations used!

    Step 4: Share your ideas with The Snoring Dog Gourmet and they will guide you in the conceptualisation of the cake!

    CoCo' blog | pets magazine in Singapore

    As my barkday party’s theme was “Pastel Princess Party”, the colour scheme for the cake was none other than pastel colours! ^^ I loved the pastel coloured scales and detailing at the side of my cake! I also had a princess tiara and a glittery pink “6” cake topper on my cake which was a paw-some fit to the princess theme as well.

    CoCo' blog | pets magazine in Singapore

    Meet Jennifer, the mastermind of my beautiful barkday cake! ^^

    Step 5: Arrange for the collection/delivery of your barkday cake and be blown away by the beautiful masterpiece, just like I did! :-)

    I hope this will help you when searching for your paw-fect barkday cake! Don’t forget to participate in my barkday giveaway and come back soon as I’ll be posting more about my barkday party! :-)