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Charm of the Chihuahua

Charm of the ChihuahuaAs an avid lover of the Chihuahua, Arthur shares his thoughts on the dog breed and his unique bond with eightyear- old Papoi.

Charm of the Chihuahua
1. Hello Arthur, tell us about yourself!

I have been a Chihuahua owner since I was eight years old.
2. Tell us about Papoi.
Papoi is a Chihuahua and she joined our family eight years ago.
3. What is the inspiration behind Papoi’s name?
The movie Despicable Me was showing when she joined our family. ‘Papoi’ means ‘toy’ in the minions’ language, which is perfect because Papoi is a teacup Chihuahua!
4. What drew you to Papoi?
It was love at first sight! You can say she got me at hello.
5. What is your first impression of Papoi?
She looked adorable and loving.
6. What is her personality?
Papoi is sensitive to our emotions, so she does not bother me when I am working. She never barks – something that I appreciate and is unusual for Chihuahuas.
7. What is your favourite thing about Papoi?When she looks at me with her big eyes! It is as if she understands what I am thinking about.8. Is there anything in particular that you pay special attention to when it comes to caring for Papoi?

We are particular about what we feed her. As the runt of the litter, Papoi has been relatively weak and there were times when she passed out during playtime. We absolutely trust Wellness and love how completely it meets all of Papoi’s dietary and nutritional needs. It has been eight years since Papoi has been eating Wellness and she is doing great!
9. What are your most memorable moments with Papoi?
Despite running a thriving business, I lost the tenancy of my shop to a competitor after seven years of operation. I was really devastated and cried so hard. Papoi could sense my sadness, and came to lick my tears. I could feel her comforting me and when she nudged my head with her nose, it was as if she was telling me to keep going. Sometimes, I cannot help but think of her as human.
10. What are some challenges you face as a pet owner?
Compared to Japan and other European countries, dogs are not allowed in most places such as restaurants. Papoi is family, so I would love to be able to include her in celebratory occasions at local eateries.
11. What advice do you have for potential Chihuahua owners?
Chihuahuas tend to be affectionate and stick to their owners, so be sure to spend plenty of time with yours! They are also quite active, so be sure to keep a watchful eye on them during playtimes.Charm of the Chihuahua

Breed Group: Toy
Average Lifespan: 13 to 17 years
Personality: Loyal, active, and playful
Fun Fact: Like human babies, most Chihuahuas are born with soft spots on their heads.

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