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Canine Hydrotherapy: What It Is and Why It’s Worth It

Canine Hydrotherapy: What It Is and Why It’s Worth It

Canine Hydrotherapy: What It Is and Why It’s Worth It

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Hydrotherapy is the use of water to treat different conditions, and is also known as water cure as such. For us, hydrotherapy is used to treat arthritis, partial paralysis or help with injury rehabilitation. Fortunately, this form of therapy is not limited to humans. Using the same principles, hydrotherapy for dogs in Singapore can be beneficial for your loving companion. Here’re some reasons why:

Canine Hydrotherapy: What It Is and Why It’s Worth It

A hydrotherapist assisting a dog during a session Source: @caninewellness

Soothe Stiff Joints and/or Muscles

To get an idea of what hydrotherapy tanks are like, think treadmills in water. In such tanks, warm water is used because it can stimulate blood flow to stiff joints and painful muscles. During a hydrotherapy session, your dog will practice regular walking, running and jumping movements against the water’s hydrostatic pressure, or resistance. For dogs that have undergone limb amputation or are partially paralysed, hydrotherapy can help improve their balance and increase coordination by strengthening their core muscles.


Post surgery, rehabilitation is needed for dogs just as we require them. The buoyant force of water makes it an excellent medium to work with for rehabilitation purposes – it helps to support body weight, putting less strain on your dog’s injury which might otherwise limit his or her movement, especially for those recovering from paralysis. Most importantly, while preparing for your dog to return to his or her former state, hydrotherapy can speed up the recovery time by targeting the right parts of his or her body.

Canine Hydrotherapy: What It Is and Why It’s Worth It

Toffee the Corgi giving canine hydrotherapy a go Source: @toffeethelittleterror

Weight Loss

Obesity in dogs can lead to serious adverse health effects and may even reduce their lifespan. The water-based, cardiovascular exercise conducted during hydrotherapy can help your dog lose weight effectively and keep it off to maintain a healthy weight. Aside from shedding those extra pounds, your dog can reap other benefits of a water cardio workout, including improved blood circulation, shinier and healthier fur, as well as improved fitness, endurance and flexibility. On a side note, keep in mind that a water cardio workout should always be conducted under the supervision of a qualified hydrotherapist, and should not be done on your own.

With your newfound knowledge about hydrotherapy, you are ready to start the search for a clinic or centre that offers equipment best suited for your dog. So, send your dog on its way to a speedy recovery now!

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