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Boo’s Favourite Pet Food: Northwest Naturals

Boo’s Favourite Pet Food Northwest Naturals

Boo’s Story

Meet Boo, a female Frenchie to a local loving pawrent. Their story is as fur-mom describes it, “love at first sight”.

Boo’s Ex-Diet & Health Issues

Frenchies typically come with skin issues and Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD), and that was the case with Boo. To make things worse, Boo’s immunity is also compromised. This can be quite the headache for pawrents as it requires extra precautions in terms of diet and hygiene.

Boo’s Favourite Pet Food Northwest Naturals

Due to IVDD, Boo’s diet evolved with time, from kibbles to freeze dried food, and even home cooked food. Boo was also on a raw diet. However, when her IVDD struck her, her body could no longer accept a raw diet. Since freeze dried meals were the next closest thing to raw food, this led Boo’s furmom to stumble upon Northwest Naturals.

Introducing Northwest Naturals

Boo’s Favourite Pet Food Northwest Naturals

Northwest Naturals is a longstanding brand from Oregon, USA, that provides life-prolonging and easy-to-feed food to all pets. Every product is formulated based on the principles of raw food diet preparation. A believer in Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF), this means that Northwest Naturals’ products are devised based on a wild dog’s needs for raw meat and required nutrients. This ensures that all the macro and micronutrients are delivered straight to our fur-kid’s tummy.

When choosing Boo’s meals, furmom usually looks for value-for-money pet foods that use fresh ingredients. Aside from that, the process in which the food is prepared is extremely important to. When Northwest Naturals checked all of the boxes, Boo’s furmom did not hesitate in making the switch.

As Boo is allergic to multiple ingredients, Boo’s furmom had a hard time looking for a brand that catered to Boo. Luckily for Boo, Northwest Naturals specializes in providing single ingredient freeze dried food! After realising Northwest Naturals checked all the boxes, Boo’s furmom did not hesitate in making the switch.

Near-Instantaneous Improvement in Health

Having been on Northwest Naturals for 3 whole years, furmom recalls the significance difference when they first made the switch. While Boo’s fur coat saw a great improvement in 2 weeks, the most shocking difference of all was her bowel movements! As furmom recalls “It was instant”. Let us just say that Northwest Naturals’ pet food did a good job in providing sufficient fiber.

Boo’s Favourite Pet Food Northwest Naturals

What Makes Northwest Naturals So Unique?

Aside from providing single ingredient pet food products, Northwest Naturals also guarantees the use of fresh ingredients that are ethically sourced. To sweeten the deal, they also provide a large range of protein types to choose from. The products are also free of any artificial additives, making them suitable for all pets.

Final Words from Boo’s Furmom

If I had to pick two reasons to recommend Northwest Naturals, it would be the convenient packaging and positioning! As Northwest Naturals take pride in made in the USA, the sustainability practices are attractive. For instance, I loved that they adopted the use of a ziplock bag. This allows me to handfeed Boo directly when we do not feel like cleaning up bowls and plates. The ziplock bags can be repurposed for trash collection too! The food came in nugget sizes, making them very suitable for Boo. I highly recommend Northwest Naturals to any pawrent looking to venture into freeze dried pet food!

Keen on making the switch? Your pet will love you for it. To find out more, head to their website here.

Check out Northwest Naturals’ SEA Instagram & Facebook for more information!

Check out Northwest Naturals’ Facebook for more information!

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