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Better Together: How To Socialise Your Puppy

Better Together: How To Socialise Your Puppy

Better Together: How To Socialise Your Puppy

Socialisation is a crucial element of a puppy’s development, where it is especially important for dog breeds with relatively aggressive behaviours such as Jack Russells, Chihuahuas and German Shepherds. From growling to biting, it is recommended to curb a dog’s aggressive behaviour from young. Through socialising, your pooch will be more open to unfamiliar environments and instead of lashing out, be keener to explore them

No idea how to get started? From obedience classes to inviting friends over, we give you the top three ways you can socialise your pup with.

Enrol your pup in obedience training

Obedience training is an excellent way of exposing your pup to other dogs as well as people. You will learn a great deal about interpreting dog behaviour and learn about how your dog communicates with other dogs. If you are unsure of which puppy trainers to engage, do look through the listings on various pets magazine before making an appointment.

Go on walks

Whether you’re running some errands or out shopping, take your furkid for a ride. Have a dog-friendly workplace? Go head and bring your dog to work, to allow it to socialise (and be pampered upon by your colleagues). As long as your pooch isn’t a huge distraction, exposing it to a different group of people will allow it to learn that not all strangers’ are a danger to her or you. Also, putting your pups in different environments enable it to pick up life skills such as how to cross the streets safely.

Have family and friends over

Although it may be beneficial to expose your pup to different environments, it is important for it to be comfortable in the most important setting – home.

Invite people over as much as possible and let your furkid interact with your loved ones. Better yet, invite your pals with dogs and make it a gathering of dog lovers. However, be sure to not overwhelm your pet and start off by introducing strangers in smaller groups before hosting large gatherings.

With the above steps, nurture your furkid to be less aggressive, more sociable and into your best friend.

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