• Light of Life Veterinary Clinic
    Light of Life Veterinary Clinic
    Tel: 6243 3282
    Blk 740 Bedok Reservoir Road #01-3165 Singapore 470740
    Opening Hours:
    Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat: 12pm-5pm, 8pm-11pm
  • Animal Practice Veterinary Clinic & Surgery
    Animal Practice Veterinary Clinic & Surgery
    Tel: 6288 3929 (24 Hours)
    1015 Upper Serangoon Road #01-00 Singapore 534753
    Opening Hours:
    Daily 9am-12pm, 2pm-5pm, 6pm- 8pm (Closed on Public Holidays)
  • The Animal Clinic
    The Animal Clinic
    Tel: 6776 3450 / 6777 0273
    Block 109 Clementi Street 11 #01-31 Singapore 120109
    Opening Hours:
    Mon-Fri: 9.30am-12noon, 2pm-5pm, 6pm-8.30pm
    Sat: 9.30am-1pm, 2pm-5pm, 6pm-8.30pm
    Sun: 12noon to 4:30pm
  • Toa Payoh Vets
    The Animal Clinic
    Tel: 6254 3326
    Emergency: 9668 6469
    Block 1002, Toa Payoh Lorong 8 #01-1477 Singapore 319074
    Opening Hours:
    Mon-Fri: 9am - 8pm
    Sat, Sun, Public Holidays: 9am-5pm
  • Singapore Pet Cremation
    Singapore Pet Cremation
    Tel: 9665 1038
    Opening Hours:
    24 hours

Ask the Experts


  • I am mildly allergic to cat fur. Is there still any way I can own one?
  • I've seen some of my friends' pets with dyed fur. Is it advisable and will it damage my dog's fur or harm his health if we do it?
  • Can I request for particular cuts or styles to be done to my dog?
  • I've seen some of my friends' pets with dyed fur. Is it advisable and will it damage my dog's fur or harm his health if we do it?
  • Will grooming help my dog's flea and tick problem?
  • Can cats be sent for grooming too?
  • I am planning to set up an aquarium and my friend who is an experienced hobbyist suggestes that I use an undergravel filtration system. What do you think?
  • My daughter love dwarf hamsters and we'd like to acquire them as pets for her. What are some of the common health problems web can expect to encounter with these small animals?
  • My Netherland Dwarf kicks its litter box and food bowl around tries to get out of its cage a lot. Cookie is not spayed and lives alone. How do I make it happy?
  • How often should I groom my dog?
  • Do you have any tips for pet owners who'd like to groom their pets at home?
  • As a new pet owner, what are the essential grooming tools I should have at home?
  • How can I prevent my dog's fur from matting?
  • What's involved in the grooming process?
  • How long does grooming usually take?
  • When can my new puppy start to be groomed?
  • How should I prepare my dog for its first grooming session?
  • I've noticed that my dog has bad breath recently, and its gums are red and swollen. Should I bring it down to the vet?
  • Recently, my dog has stared to whine a lot more. It also licks its body excessively and sleeps for longer hours. Are these signs of stress?
  • Ellie, my three-year-old german shepherd was very active until I noticed a small sore on here back foot and she wasn't putting here weight on it. The x-rays showed that they're no problems wither her hips or stifles. How can I help with her recovery?
  • Will neutering affect the quality of my cavalier king charles spaniel's coat?
  • I read somewhere that owners of deep-chested breeds should be feeding them once a day to prevent bloating. I've always been taught to feed twice a day, leaving a period of and hour or more between feeding and exercise. How often should my weimaraner be fed?
  • My 12-week-old Bengal kitten insists on using every available corner as a toilet. I’ve tried placing him in his tray but he just jumps out and goes straight to a corner of choice. Help!
  • My cat, Princess, hides and cries whenever we bring her out for car ride. A friend has suggested tablets for Princess but I feel it isn’t right to ‘drug’ a cat. What can I do?
  • One of my cats is constantly nervous. She has had an awful past (we rescued her from the shelter when she was two) and when we approach her as slowly as we can, she runs and won’t come back.

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