All In The Name of Love

All in the Name of Love

All In The Name of LoveValentines’ Day is widely acknowledged as an occasion to express affections for special people or loved ones. It is also a day where many celebrate friendships. For many of us, we have at least one true and faithful friend with whom we share mutually unconditional love – our pet.

All of us show our love for our pets differently. Some of us pamper them with extensive selections of toys and accessories, while others believe in providing them with quality nutrition. Then, there are those who may do both or neither but prove their commitment in times of adversity, when their pets fall ill and even brink on death.

Valentine’s Day just gives us a chance to pay tribute to these devoted owners in this special feature. Having said that, and to risk sounding clichéd, Valentine’s Day is not the only time where we ought to be nice to our animal friends. If you truly love your pet, every day is a great day to show you care!

Dogs: Just like you’d do with your other sweetheart on Valentine’s Day, take your dog for a nice, long stroll. Rover will enjoy the exercise and time with you.

Cats: Make Kitty some yummy treats. Use a heart-shaped cookie cutter and learn to make delicious cat treats and other remarkable recipes for your lovable feline.

Small Animals: Who doesn’t love a good cuddle? Give your rabbit, guinea pig, chinchilla or even hamster a cuddle on this special day (or every day for that matter).

Fish: Have a little alone time with your pet. Like your other loved ones, pets need special time alone with you. Spend time thoroughly cleaning your tank, or just appreciating your finned friends.

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