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Advantages of Adopting Retired Military Working Unit Dogs

Advantages of Adopting Retired Military Working Unit Dogs

Advantages of Adopting Retired Military Working Unit Dogs

With a new scheme under Project Adore, the public is now able to adopt retired sniffer dogs from the Singapore Police Force and Singapore Civil Defence Force K-9 units as well as from the SAF Military Working Dog unit. This scheme allows more canines to find their forever home after putting in years of service for our country.

Although these canines are larger than the usual breeds allowed in HDB flats, under Project Adore HDB-dwellers can adopt a local mix-breed that weigh up to 50 kg and are 50 cm tall. While there are various other considerations to keep in mind when thinking of adopting these dogs, here are some advantages that you will enjoy.

Obedient, adaptable and loyal Advantages of Adopting Retired Military Working Unit Dogs

Having undergone the necessary training, these pups come out obedient, adaptable and loyal. All of these traits are usually essential in pet dogs as well. You will not have to worry as much about having to train it from scratch as these pups would have the basic training mastered. However, do note that you may have to still send your adopted canine for obedience training to comply with the terms of Project Adore.

Encourage An Active Lifestyle Advantages of Adopting Retired Military Working Unit Dogs

Trip, one of the working dogs that is available for adoption.

As mentioned, sniffer dogs are usually derived from large dog breeds such as German Shepherds, Labradors and Hungarian Vizsla. Because of this, these pups are usually packed with more energy than the average pet dog. This will be beneficial to you as their need to be active and exercise might encourage you to adopt an active lifestyle as well.

Highly Affectionate

These dogs may tend to have much more love and affection to shower on you. Unlike pet dogs, these working dogs are not subjected to as much affection or as frequently as the usual pet dog. That being said, now that they’ve retired, they’re free to act on their love and affection for people and you’ll be lucky enough to be on the receiving end!

However, as owners of these retired dogs, you still have the usual responsibilities of a pet parent. Instead, these pups may need more care and attention from you as they are in their older years. While it may seem admirable to home these canine soldiers, it is much more admirable to do so only if you are emotionally, financially and mentally capable of providing them with the best.

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