ABC’s Next Top Man’s Best Friend

As with every fashion show, we need models to pull it off. This year, All ‘Bout Canines (ABC) held a casting audition for their upcoming poochwear fashion show at June’s Pethouse. Selected dogs would stand the chance to don on specially curated designs and outfits from Ohpopdog on the day of the event and make their long-awaited runway debut.

Dogs of different breeds in all shapes, sizes and colours turned up for the audition at June’s Pethouse on June 22, hoping for a chance to sashay down the catwalk (or should we say dogwalk) come October 22 later this year. There were many adorable pawticipants who turned up at the casting ready to give it all they’ve got and we were in doggy heaven from meeting every single one of them. The judges were thoroughly impressed by everyone and the competition was tough, but decisions still had to be made.

Here are some of the lovely pups that made it into the top 25!

ABC Next Top Mans Best Friend

Miyo the mini Schnauzer is getting checked for ticks before her turn at the casting audition! At one and a half years old, Miyo has already captured all our hearts.

ABC Next Top Man's Best Friend

Fatty the Bulldog looks like he was feeling a bit sluggish that day. But still, the show must go on!

Buckbeak the Corgi was lovingly named after the hippogriff from the Harry Potter series because his mama was a big fan! Incredibly friendly and affectionate, we’re sure glad that Buckbeak made the cut!

ABC Next Top Man's Best Friend

Mochi the Bulldog was super excited for his audition that day that he just couldn’t stay still. Must. Meet. Everyone!!!

ABC Next Top Man's Best Friend

Happy the Pomeranian will be strutting down the ABC runway come October 22, remember to catch her there!

ABC Next Top Man's Best Friend

This little cutie was only at the audition to support her sister but she was so adorable that we just had to give her a special shout out. If you’re lucky, you might even be able to meet her on the day of the fashion show!

In conjunction with official pet magazine, Clubpets, the All ‘Bout Canines carnival is organised by Luminart to promote responsible pet ownership and an all-embracing lifestyle with our furry little friends. There will be exciting carnival activities, seminars by veterinarians, holistic wellness workshops and entertainment for dogs, owners and dog lovers alike.

The All ‘Bout Canines carnival will be held on October 22 to 23, Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 9pm at Tan Quee Lan Field (Bugis). Come along to gain a deeper insight on modern day dog needs and meet fellow like-minded dog lovers whilst giving your pups a chance to socialise as well!

For more updates and to find out more about the carnival, do visit All ‘Bout Canines’ Facebook page!

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