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A Quick Guide to HDB Rules for Pets

A Quick Guide to HDB Rules for Pets

A compilation of HDB rules and guidelines for animal companionship

A Quick Guide to HDB Rules for Pets

That’s great, you’re finally getting the pet of your dreams and can’t wait to bring it home with you. You’re scouring the net to look up pet essentials and training tips, but hold on – you’ve come across this complicated and worrisome list of HDB rules and regulations that’s got your head spinning.

No fear, because we got your back with this TL;DR quick-list to help you make the correct decisions that are best for you and your little animal buddy.

No Cats

A Quick Guide to HDB Rules for Pets

HDB states that they are “difficult to contain” within the flat, and thus not allowed. But if, just if you are keeping one, install cat screens on your windows for their safety!

Other Illegal Pets

A Quick Guide to HDB Rules for Pets

Sorry, BTS fans, you’ll not be allowed to keep sugar gliders in your HDB, no matter how much you want one. The list of other exotic pets that are restricted include:

  1.     Hedgehogs
  2.     Bearded dragons
  3.     Star tortoises
  4.     Snakes
  5.     Crocodilian Reptiles

One-Dog Policy

A one-dog policy applies if you live in an HDB flat. For private housing, AVA allows a maximum of 3 small-breed dogs. Alternatively, amongst the 3 dogs, 1 “Scheduled” dog is allowed. Click here to peruse the list for “Scheduled” breeds.

Also, all dogs must be licensed by the NParks Animal and Veterinary Service (AVS) and implanted with a microchip.

62 Allowed Dog Breeds

A Quick Guide to HDB Rules for Pets

Generally, small dogs that are less than 40cm broad across the shoulders and below 10kg are amongst the breeds that are HDB-approved. Just to be extra sure though, refer to the full list here to check if your soon-to-be furry friend is suited for your home!

Rabbits and smaller critters

If you’ve got a thing for even smaller animals, here are the approved species that you can keep in your HDB flat:

  1.     Birds
  2.     Chinchillas
  3.     Fish
  4.     Gerbils
  5.     Green tree frogs (Litoria Caerulea)
  6.     Guinea pigs
  7.     Hamsters
  8.      Land hermit crabs (Coenobita Rugosus)
  9.      Malayan box turtles
  10.      Mice
  11.      Rabbits
  12.      Red-eared sliders (Red-Eared Terrapins)

Be Responsible

With all that being said, always remember your duties as an accountable and gracious pet owner, no matter what pet you’ve got!

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