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A Dog Owner’s Checklist for Pet Boarding Services in Singapore

A Dog Owner’s Checklist for Pet Boarding Services in Singapore

A Dog Owner’s Checklist for Pet Boarding Services in SingaporeSource: wallstreentnation.com

As with many pawrents, the safety of our furkids is imperative. However, things get a little tricky when our pets are in the care of others, especially when engaging pet boarding services in Singapore Take the latest Platinium Dogs Club-related news for instance – not only was improper care given, some dogs have, most unfortunately, passed on from the lack of care.

However, that’s not to say that all pet boarders are not trusthworthy – it’s a matter of choosing your options carefully. We understand how finding a credible and safe pet hotel is challenging, so here are 4 aspects to bear in mind to ensure that your pet is left in professional care.

Read Reviews & Ask for Recommendations

In the case of Platinium Dogs Club, it was said that the establishment had no social media page where negative experiences of four other pawrents late last year were not brought to attention.

A Dog Owner’s Checklist for Pet Boarding Services in SingaporeSource: @upforpaws

So one way to shortlist your options is to read through the reviews from previous pawrents. These reviews give you a clear idea of the service provided as well as what you and your pet can expect from them. When doing so, it’s best to read reviews across a variety of sources, to get a better (and more acurrate) sense of the pet boarding business.

An alternative option is to ask fellow pet owners, vets in Singapore or trusted groomers for recommendations. Do ensure that these establishments have an online presence or website in order to read direct reviews on their site or social media platforms.

Research on the Owner’s Credentials

The credentials of the owner can be telling of the credibility of the pet boarding facility. Doing so provides you with a sense of assurance and security and allows you to make a well-informed decision on your pet's well-being and safety in your absence.

Visit the Premise A Dog Owner’s Checklist for Pet Boarding Services in SingaporeSource: Dear Mutt

Once you’ve decided on the pet hotel, be sure to make a trip personally, to tour the facility. This allows you to have a better idea of the space, ammentities and staff members who will be tending to your furkid. Additionally, you’ll get a first hand glimpse of the establishment’s operations.

A Dog Owner’s Checklist for Pet Boarding Services in SingaporeSource: @thesunggerysg

Some basic ammenities of a boarding establishment include a clean and well-ventilated environment, ample space for your furkid to roam about in as well as individual rooms or kennels. It’s also highly recommended to thoroughly research the venue and ask as many questions as possible such as vaccination requirements and emergency procedures before deciding on a boarding house.

However, before sending their late dog, Prince, to Platinium Dogs Club the owners did drop-by to view and evaluate the premises. Unfortunately, as there were no glaring red-flags, the pawrents proceeded to still opt for the pet boarding establishment. Hence, do take into consideration other aspects before making the decision.

Request for Regular Video Updates A Dog Owner’s Checklist for Pet Boarding Services in SingaporeSource: @sunnyheightssg

Most pet boarding facilities do offer this option of providing parents video feeds of their pets. It’s also common to find most pet boarding spaces equipped with a 24-hour webcam service for you to observe your pet anytime. While a 24-hour webcam isn’t a requirement, don’t be afraid to request for daily live video updates of your pet.

While Platinium Dogs Club did send Ms Mao—the owner of Prince—video updates, the videos were only sent on the second and seventh day, despite Ms Mao’s request for regular updates. Additionally, despite the videos being shot in daylight, she only received them at 6am and 9.30pm. This suggests that the videos were pre-recorded and the owners were not truly aware of Prince’s health and well-being during his stay. Following this, it’s important to request for timely video feeds, preferably one in the day and one in the evening.

Picking the right dog boarding space can be time-consuming and even nerve-wracking, but unquestionably worth it especially if it means a safe and caring space for your pet.

At the same time, we send our deepest condolences to the pawrents of all dog victimes and hope that all the dogs recovered from Platinium Dogs Club are recovering and/or doing well.

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