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A Complete Guide to Pet Grooming at Home



For your pet, proper care involves not only regular health check-ups, but also proper grooming from time to time. Aside from improving your pet’s appearance, pet grooming can help with the prevention of health conditions by spotting the symptoms early. Listed below are six basic steps to give your pet a grooming session at home.

Nail Trimming


Trimming your pet’s nails can prevent infection and reinforce healthy posture. For this, you can choose from several types of nail clippers, such as the guillotine or scissor type. Before beginning the trim, ensure your pet is relaxed and comfortable.

First, have a firm hold of your pet’s paw and whilst doing so, you may also wish to check for ticks. Identify the quick, a pink-coloured area that is in the middle of the nail – pay careful attention to avoid cutting beyond the are as it may cause bleeding and pain. When unsure, it is best to seek the assistance of a professional pet groomer.



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Regular baths for your pet are vital to healthy skin and coat. From anti-dandruff to hypoallergenic and hydrating shampoos and conditioners, there is a large variety of shampoos that cater to your pet’s needs. Avoid washing your pet with human soaps as skin irritation may occur.

Additionally, you can consider dry shampoos, which come in spray or powdered forms. Such shampoos remove excess oil and grease in your pet’s fur, amongst other benefits of water baths – but without the hassle!

Teeth Cleaning

Without proper dental care, your pet may suffer from dental diseases. Poor dental hygiene can cause inflammation in the gums and tooth sockets, which are painful and dangerous for your pet.

To maintain your pet’s dental hygiene, it is recommended to brush its teeth twice a week. Since this may be unfamiliar to your pet, start with short sessions and work up the time; pet toothpaste, dental wipes and finger toothbrushes are available to make your job easier.

Eye cleaning


A pet dog with tear stains Source: Pinterest 

Occasionally, your pet may have eye discharge, resulting in tear stains on its fur. Eye cleaning at suitable periods of time can eliminate bacteria breeding grounds and in turn, prevent eye infections.

For cleaning, use a damp cloth or cotton ball and gently wipe the eye areas, being careful to avoid contact with your pet’s eyeballs. While cleaning, keep a lookout for eye infections or other eye conditions, of which symptoms include redness, cloudiness and inflammation. Typically, groomers will know the signs of common eye problems in pets, so you can enlist the help of an expert to keep your pet’s eyes clear.

Ear Cleaning

Your pet’s ears should be checked and cleaned thoroughly on a monthly basis. if your pet’s breed is susceptible to ear problems. Signs to look out for include discharge, swelling or pain.

With your choice of a mild ear cleaner for pets, drip the solution into your pet’s ears, following the amount as instructed on the product. Gently massage the solution into the inner ears, and proceed to use a cotton ball to remove any wax or excess cleaning solution.



Especially during shedding seasons, brushing your pet will help remove excess fur, as well as distribute natural oil across its fur and skin. The condition of your pet’s coat can be a giveaway to its health condition. Whether its fur is matted or tangled, dry or oily, these are signs that your pet is not in tiptop condition.

As compared to its short-haired counterparts, dogs with long coats require regular weekly brushings. Depending on your pet’s breed and fur length, you can choose from a variety of combs such as pin brushes, rubber brushes and soft slicker brushes. Sometimes, you may even need a combination of brushes – one for dematting and another for brushing. Overall, regular brushing can prevent skin irritation and keep your pet’s coat sleek, shiny and free from tangles.

While you and your pet may be more comfortable with at-home grooming, it is best to make an occasional appointment with a pet groomer for a professional session of pet grooming in Singapore.

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