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8 Tattoo Inspirations for Every Loving Pet Parent


 8 Tattoo-Inspirations-for-Every-Loving-Pet-Parent

Show your pet off to the world

Instead of looking for a memorabilia to remember your pet by, dedicating a tattoo to your beloved furkid is a great way to always “carry them” with you. Without further ado, draw your inspiration from the following for your next tattoo!

Paws Up!

Paws are iconic of pets, so what better way to honour your furkid than to incorporate its furry hands – ones that give you the promise of companionship for its lifetime – into your tattoo?

8 Tattoo-Inspirations-for-Every-Loving-Pet-ParentSource: @tys_wife

1. Paw Print Imprint: If you’re fond of touching your pet’s silky-soft pads, then immortalise your pet’s paw print. It is undoubtedly one of the more popular ways to remember it by, although contrary to humans, most pets do not have unique paw prints – however, the size and shape would be telling. Besides, the special significance of the tattoo will remain, as long as you know who the owner of the print is!

To add a twist to your sentimental memory, incorporate prints such as floral patterns to let your tattoo take on a whole new level of meaning. With a look that screams pawrent, it is not hard to see why this tattoo that represents pets who have left a print on their parents’ hearts is ideal.

8 Tattoo-Inspirations-for-Every-Loving-Pet-ParentSource: @clovisrodtattoo

2. High Five: Show off the bond between you and your furkid with a tattoo that conveys the understanding you both. This tattoo, which may remind you of ET’s magic touch, tells of a heartwarming story with you and your pet as protagonists.

In the Moonlight

If you’re a moon child who is not afraid to dream, then tattoos that reflect your childlike wonder are the ones for you.

8 Tattoo Inspirations for Every Loving Pet Parent

Source: @w.caroltattooer 

3. The Moon Rabbit: The rabbit in the moon is an Asian folklore that is now widely integrated into popular culture. While the rabbit is said to be observed in a full moon, Bunny owners can take reference from the tale and add a different take for personalised tattoos.

A simple outline of your rabbit’s figure against a crescent moon with details of the little things that matter to you will make for a great tattoo art to show off to your furiends.

8 Tattoo-Inspirations-for-Every-Loving-Pet-ParentSource: @playground_tat2

4. Under the Moon: To reflect on the happy memories you’ve shared with your pet, depict a scene where you and your furry companion soak up the moonlight together. A tattoo with clean lines can give a calm yet whimsical feeling, which hints of the everlasting bond your pet will give you, just as your ink will.

Coloured Aesthetic

Whether you choose to go for a tattoo in black and grey or in colours of the rainbow, a tattoo will not only be a reminder of your pet but also acts as a visually-aesthetic accessory.

8 Tattoo-Inspirations-for-Every-Loving-Pet-ParentSource: @hollytarrenttattoo

5. Origami Splash: Speaking of clean lines, how about having some origami fun? Geometric shapes work to bring out the characteristic features of your pet, such as the long body of the Dachshund in this tattoo. The splash of colours then serve as a clue to your furkid’s personality, be it friendly and playful, or calm and collected.

8 Tattoo-Inspirations-for-Every-Loving-Pet-ParentSource: @bradleytattoo

6. Lifelike Portrait: For a tattoo that closely resembles your furkid, go for a hyper-realistic tattoo. Though available in colour, shades of black and grey can add to a hyper-realistic tattoo’s texture, which, together with their intricate detail, truly captures the essence of your pet in real life.

Double Trouble, Triple Threat

Should one tattoo be not enough, you can always consider more to show off your love for your furkid and perhaps its siblings!

8 Tattoo-Inspirations-for-Every-Loving-Pet-ParentSource: @playground_tat2

7. Couple-Twinning: If you’re raising a pet with your partner, then why not get a couple pet tattoo? With four simple lines – drawn in three different colours to add some fun to the tattoo – the silhouette of a cat becomes visible. With this, you can take your lovely furkid on your couple adventures.

8 Tattoo-Inspirations-for-Every-Loving-Pet-ParentSource: @soltattoo

8. Three Lovely Cats: Share the love if you’re a pawrent with more than one pet. Each feature of a cat’s head captures amazing details such as the twinkle in its eyes and frown lines between its eyebrows. The vertical line of tattoos even leaves space so you can add on to the list in the future!

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