$8 Huat Deals to Get This CNY Before They Run Out of Stock

$8 Huat Deals to Get This CNY Before They Run Out of Stock

Whenever Chinese New Year rolls around, others shudder at the thought of spring cleaning, but I rejoice — because you can only make space for new things after throwing out your old junk! Use this opportunity to replace your pet’s worn-out toys, grooming accessories, or simply treat it as an excuse to spoil your pet further, since ang baos are of no value to them.

To kick start the festivities, here’s a list of items on Clubpets’ E-Store that are currently going at a special price of just $8 each from now till 26th February 2021. Better hurry and cart them out before they run out of stock! Huat ah!

1. Forcans KaNoodles (U.P. $19.90)

SAVE 60%

$8 Huat Deals to Get This CNY Before They Run Out of Stock

Source: Noble Advance Pets

Pearly whites are not just reserved for us hoomans — your pet should have a set of its own too because bright, tartar-free teeth is a sign of good oral hygiene! Without proper oral hygiene, your pet may be susceptible to many diseases, including gum disease, endocarditis, and diabetes. 

With over 70% – 75% of dogs and cats over the age of three afflicted with at least one form of dental disease, it’s important to start actively working on maintaining healthy teeth and gums in your pet now if you haven’t done so. This includes brushing its teeth regularly, and providing it with plenty of dental chews and treats, such as Forcans’ KaNoodles

Extruded like noodles and then naturally dried to result in a flexible, digestible product, Forcans’ KaNoodles are structured with many deep crevices to reach the base of the tooth to effectively remove plaque and tartar buildup when chewing with a natural rubbing effect. 

The spaces in the chews also accommodate variations in the size and shape of your dog’s teeth, making sure that each tooth gets the attention it needs. Made with zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, and soluble fibre, the chews support digestive health as well, and comes in a delicious chicken flavour so that Fido won’t be able to resist it.

Shop here now.

2. Forbis New Oral Refresher (100ml) (U.P. $12.90)

SAVE 38%

$8 Huat Deals to Get This CNY Before They Run Out of Stock

Source: Noble Advance Pets

Especially perfect for cat owners, since dental chews tend to be less enticing to these finicky felines, Forbis’ New Oral Refresher is also a must-have for maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Regular use can prevent plaque build-up and help eliminate bad breath, and all you need to do is to simply spritz some onto your pet’s teeth after meals. It’s that convenient. 

Shop here now.

3. Animan Mini Corn for Small Animals (170g) (U.P. $13.60)

SAVE 40%

$8 Huat Deals to Get This CNY Before They Run Out of Stock

Source: Noble Advance Pets

If you have a pet hamster or bird, Animan’s Mini Corn for Small Animals is a value purchase! A convenient snack that can be easily prepared for your little critters or feathered friends, simply separate the corn kernels from the cob and pop them into the microwave at 500w for 4 to 5 minutes.

The cooked corn will be just the right hardness for your pet to enjoy nibbling on, which will not only provide mental stimulation but also help to grind down their ever-growing teeth!

Note: Please remember that it is not advisable to feed rabbits and guinea pigs with corn.

Shop here now.

4. Darford Organic Premium Dog Treats (U.P. $12)

SAVE 33%

$8 Huat Deals to Get This CNY Before They Run Out of Stock

Source: Rein Biotech

For those of you whose pooch is an ultimate foodie, you know that the way to its heart is through its stomach. We recommend Darford’s Organic Premium Dog Treats this sale, a tasty and healthy treat perfect to use as training rewards!

Established since 1987, Darford is a reputable brand worldwide that never adds any corn, soy, meat by-products, salt, or artificial colours, flavours, and preservatives to their products. Made only with certified organic meats, grains, fruits, and vegetables, the Organic Premium Dog Treats are then oven-baked to preserve a rich and aromatic flavour that your pet will definitely be unable to refuse!

Flavours include Peanut Butter, Turkey, Bacon, Sweet Potato, and Pumpkin.

Shop here now.

5. Versele Laga Nature Original Cuni Junior 750g (U.P. $10.50)

SAVE 24%

$8 Huat Deals to Get This CNY Before They Run Out of Stock

Source: Rein Biotech

Just got a pet bunny? Versele Laga’s Nature Original Cuni Junior is a premium and delicious mixture of fibres, herbs, vegetables, and fruits specially formulated to fulfil the nutritional needs of young rabbits (up to 8 months old).

Containing all the necessary nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that your little rabbit needs for optimal growth and development, the feed also promotes digestion, dental care, and coat and skin health.

Since it contains a wide variety of ingredients, it also guarantees high palatability and uptake, and has no pressed pellets to further discourage selective eating behaviour.

Do note that you should complete the diet with ample hay.

Shop here now.

6. Tasty Bone Toy Nylon (For Toy Dog) (U.P. $9.50)

SAVE 16%

$8 Huat Deals to Get This CNY Before They Run Out of Stock

Source: Adec Distribution

If you notice your dog’s chew toy looking a little scruffy, it might be time to replace it with a new one. For a long-lasting alternative that your pooch would pawsitively love, try Tasty Bone’s Toy Nylon chew toy!

Founded in 2002, Tasty Bone has garnered recommendations and support from veterinarians internationally because of their high-quality chew toys. Made with premium and all-natural ingredients with no preservatives, salt, sugar, or animal content, the chew toys are completely edible and absolutely delectable because they are injected with flavour throughout, instead of merely being covered with flavouring.

This means that the flavours remain fresh and scrumptious down to the last scrap so that your dog will enjoy the chew toy for a long, long time.

Shop here now.

7. CattyMan Jareneko Cat Kicker Toy (U.P. $10.90)

SAVE 26%

$8 Huat Deals to Get This CNY Before They Run Out of Stock

Source: Noble Advance Pets

Get the best of both worlds with CattyMan’s Jareneko Cat Kicker Toy! Made with soft, plush fabric, it’s not only great for your cat to wrestle with and bunny kick to its heart’s content, but also perfect for snuggling up to during catnaps.

Available in three different colours — black, yellow, and white —  simply take your pick and watch kitty get entertained!

Shop here now.

8. FuzzYard Bow ties (U.P. $12 – $13)

SAVE 33% – 38%

$8 Huat Deals to Get This CNY Before They Run Out of Stock

Source: Silversky

It’s safe to say that most cats and dogs would love nothing more than head scratches, tummy rubs (dogs only!), or tasty treats — help your favourite furry friend keep ‘em coming with a dapper makeover!

With a snazzy bow tie from FuzzYard, your cat or dog is sure to be the centre of attention wherever it goes, with nobody able to resist spoiling it a little. Better yet, the bow ties are designed to easily attach to your pet’s collar with a velcro loop, so that it’s easy to put on and remove.

Designs available include:

– King of Gold School | Shop here

– Bow and Arrow | Shop here

– Flying High | Shop here

– LL Cool Jaw$ | Shop here

– Multi | Shop here

– Orange | Shop here

– Pizza Lyf | Shop here

9. Jolly Cat Crushed Tofu Litter Cat Litter 6L (U.P. $9.90)

SAVE 20%

$8 Huat Deals to Get This CNY Before They Run Out of Stock

Source: Noble Advance Pets

Great for your cats, great for your home, and great for the environment — as its name states, Jolly Cat’s Crushed Tofu Cat Litter is made from tofu, which is toxic-free, has excellent clumping abilities, and completely biodegradable!

Containing zero chemical additives, it’s gentle on your pet’s paws, and it has better absorption and clumping action that vastly reduces the chances of tracking and dust. It also has natural odour control properties so that your cat’s litter box and your house stays fresher for longer!

Shop here now.

10. Bioion Pets Pounce Sanitizer – 60ml ($8) | 500ml (U.P. $17.50)

SAVE 54%

$8 Huat Deals to Get This CNY Before They Run Out of Stock

Source: Bioion World

This is for all the pet owners out there who know how tiring it is to keep your house tidy and your pet clean and healthy. A lifesaver that must be equipped in every home, Bioion’s Pet Pounce Sanitizer is a nifty cleaning product that can be used on everything, for everything!

Formulated with ionisation and biotechnology from Japan as well as natural properties from 100% plant extracts, it’s safe for humans, pets, and the environment, and best of all, takes fast action in just 30 seconds to kill 99.99% of germs!

Available in scents:

– Original | Shop here

– Sakura | Shop here

– Flora | Shop here

– Ocean | Shop here

Note: To find out more about how Bioion’s Pet Pounce Sanitiser can disinfect your home and protect your pet, read here.

 Welcoming an ox-picious new year with your pet

$8 Huat Deals to Get This CNY Before They Run Out of Stock

Haven’t seen anything you like or need? Not to worry, because this list is far from exhaustive! From grooming necessities to healthy, lip-smackingly good treats and more, we have plenty of other $8 huat deals on our E-store for you to browse. Simply click here!

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