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7 Surprising Pet Superstitions

7 Surprising Pet Superstitions

7 Surprising Pet Superstitions | Longest Running Pet Magazine In Singapore

Most of us have our own superstitions - whether it’s knocking on wood or throwing salt behind our back, wherever you are in the this world someone will always believe in some sort of superstition or another.

For many years, superstitions about cats and dogs have dictated how people behave around them; from good to bad omens, here are a few surprising superstitions about our fur friends from around the world.

Cats have nine lives

This is a classic one that we have all heard of at some point — with their effortless speed, agility and cunningness, it’s no surprise how this superstition came about our beloved felines thanks to the amazing survival instincts so many of them posses.

7 Surprising Pet Superstitions | Longest Running Pet Magazine In Singapore
Meeting a dog is good luck

Based on folklore from around the world, meeting a Greyhound (with a white spot) or a Dalmatian is considered good luck.

In Scotland it’s believed that if a strange dog follows you home, good luck is within your horizon (extra luck if the dog is black).

A howling dog is a death omen

It is said that a howling dog outside of a sick person’s home is a death omen as the howl is said to be an indicator that death is awaiting for said ill person.

7 Surprising Pet Superstitions | Longest Running Pet Magazine In Singapore
Dogs and cats are weather predictors

It’s believed that our fur friends are our very own weather predictors. Supposedly, if a dog runs underneath a table or curls up in a corner, or if a cat is sitting with its back behind any source of heat, that winter is coming.

Black cats bring good luck

While in most cultures black cats are said to be a bad omen, in Britain, when a bride and groom encounter a black cat on their wedding day, it means that they are ensured a long and lasting union with their new spouse.

It was also said that having black cats abroad brought good luck to sailors, so their wives would keep black cats at home to ensure their husband’s return.

7 Surprising Pet Superstitions | Longest Running Pet Magazine In Singapore
A dog’s lick has healing properties

The Ancient Romans and Greeks used to have temple dogs known as cynotherapists, whose licks were believed to cure diseases. While its been proven with modern-day science that dogs have been known to lower our blood pressures, detect possible cancers and other illness using their sense of smell, the likelihood of the healing properties of a dog’s lick is quite questionable.

A cat in a cradle protects babies

In Russia, its been said that new parents who place their cat(s) in their newborn’s cradle can protect their child from potential evil spirits that would want to harm the child.

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