7 Must-Own Pet Products for Every Dog Owner

7 Must-Own Pet Products for Every Dog Owner

7 Must-Own Pet Products for Every Dog Owner

There’s something about spoiling your pet – after all, what can be better than providing the best for your furry friend? While it’s natural to splurge on your pooch, it’s important to first prepare some pet essentials before doing so. As such, here are 7 must-have products for dogs that dog owners should own.

Food and Water Bowls


Preparing food and water bowls are one of the basic aspects of pet ownership. Thus, investing in quality ones are highly recommended – these include stainless steel pet bowls, which may be more durable than its plastic counterparts. These are relatively easier to maintain and are less likely to tip over when your pet is tucking into its favourite treat. On that note, do look out for bowls equipped with non-slip bases, to prevent your pet from chasing the food bowl during chow time.

Instant Bone Broth

While we’re on the topic of food, consider swapping the usual dog treats out for bone broth for an extra dash of nutrition to your dog’s diet. Due to its palatable nature, instant bone broth is especially ideal for pets with poor appetites. The amino acids and collagen in the bone broth will provide your pet with an extra dose of protein. The collagen that the broth contains is also ideal for dogs with joint issues or skeletal injuries.

A Water Bottle

7 Must-Own Pet Products for Every Dog Owner

From daily walks to outdoor adventures, a portable water bottle will be your dog’s traveling companion. When choosing one, you may wish to opt for a water bottle that is collapsible and made of lightweight material.

Grooming Supplies

7 Must-Own Pet Products for Every Dog Owner

When conducting home grooming sessions, be sure to opt for the right kind of shampoo for your dog as well as a conditioner. Don’t forget a trusty brush, together with a toothbrush and toothpaste. Feel free to try out grooming tools across various brands to find out which are most well-received by your pup.


7 Must-Own Pet Products for Every Dog Owner

Although may be challenging to determine the exact kind of toys that doggo may prefer, its always good to have the basic rope, tug and fetching toys. Regardless of your purchase, do ensure that they are durable and made of materials that are safe for rough play.

A Leash/Harness

7 Must-Own Pet Products for Every Dog Owner

A good leash/harness is important for you and your dog to enjoy every walk to the fullest, so be sure to pick out one that your canine is comfortable with. You may wish to opt for a leash/harness come with LED lights or reflective stripes, to ensure your pet’s safety during your nightly walks.

Disinfectant Spray

Keep your house smelling fresh and clean with a good disinfectant spray. Additionally, a bacteria-free space will also minimise the risk of disease contraction for your pet.

Shopping for these essentials well in advance makes caring for the newest member of your family fuss-free. Not only that, they go a long way in making your pet happier. Simply make your purchase through your favourite online pet shop in Singapore today!

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