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7 Dog Breeds Best for Families with Kids

7 Dog Breeds Best for Families with Kids

Cover image source: Mink Mingle on Unsplash

Choosing a family pet is a very exciting experience, for sure. However, it is also a huge commitment, and while all dog breeds are fantastic, some are much better suited for families with children. This begs the question: which dog breed will get along best with our little ones?

The answer is: it depends! Every dog is different, even those that are predisposed to be friendlier to kids. To find a dog that will fit into your household perfectly like a jigsaw puzzle piece, you need to take into consideration these points:

  • Size
    • Tiny dogs can be more fragile and tend to be more suitable for older, more cautious kids.
    • On the flip side, large dogs may be right at home with a rough-and-tumble crew, but will require a lot more exercise daily.
  • Energy
    • Some dogs love to run and play, while others will gladly snooze and cuddle all day. Make sure to find a dog that best suits your family’s habits and energy!
  • Care Requirements
    • Are you able to spend a considerable amount of time on grooming and walks? It is important to consider your potential pet’s needs and whether or not you can meet them for the next decade or so!

Now that that’s out of the way, here are 7 of the best family-friendly dog breeds that would typically do well with children!

1. Labrador Retrievers

7 Dog Breeds Best for Families with Kids

Source: Melissa Keizer on Unsplash

Labrador Retrievers are good spirited, playful, outgoing, and extremely trainable. Almost anyone will instantly fall in love with this breed because of its sweet demeanour, and they tend to be very protective and loving towards children.

However, they’re really active and need plenty of playtime and exercise, especially as a puppy or young adult. Provide them with a good mix of mental and physical stimulation so that they don’t become overweight or pent up with energy! This can include daily walks, or surprising them with toys from the pet shop.

2. Golden Retrievers

7 Dog Breeds Best for Families with Kids

Source: Chewy on Unsplash

Just like Labradors, Golden Retrievers make excellent family pets. They are extremely people-oriented, loyal, and friendly, but what’s really great about Golden Retrievers is that they are neither timid nor aggressive, and very patient by nature. Often used as guide dogs, they definitely will be a great companion for both young and old!

Do take note that Golden Retrievers are intelligent, working dogs with bountiful energy as well, which means that you will need to to provide it with plenty of activities and opportunities to exercise to keep it happy and healthy.

3. Pugs

7 Dog Breeds Best for Families with Kids

Source: Toshi on Unsplash

Even though pugs are small, they shouldn’t be underestimated when it comes to mischievousness and energy. They are very curious canines that love attention and playing with children, yet are even-tempered enough to deal with their antics.

A people-pleaser, the pug’s small size makes it perfect for Singapore’s apartments, although they do need extra care when the weather gets too hot. They will require less exercise than big dogs and are generally low-maintenance, but do not be fooled by their short coat! Pugs are heavy shedders all-year-round, and their deep wrinkles on their head and face must be cleaned regularly.

4. Collies

7 Dog Breeds Best for Families with Kids

Source: Jared Gorski on Unsplash

Collies are definitely some of the cuddliest and softest dog breeds on the planet with a regal, puffy coat. Protective by nature yet mellow and intelligent, they make good watchdogs and a very loyal family pet!

They are easy to train, rather low-maintenance despite their coat (brush it once a week to ensure that it doesn’t get matted), and satisfied with moderate walks. It is important to note though, that they can get shy and are highly responsive to moods and stress, so they can get overwhelmed by large crowds, tend to bark at noise and distractions, and may pick up on your stress levels and develop neurotic behaviour of their own.

5. Poodles

7 Dog Breeds Best for Families with Kids

Source: Tuomas Härkönen on Unsplash

Proud and elegant, poodles are very smart, caring, and loyal. Both the Standard Poodle and Miniature Poodle do not shed heavily, making them great for kids with allergies, but they do have slight differences in their temperament.

The former is obedient, playful, and adventurous with those around them, but can get shy around strangers, while the latter tend to dedicate themselves to one person in particular, but are still good with other pets and kids.

6. Beagles

7 Dog Breeds Best for Families with Kids

Source: Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash

Renowned for being one of the friendliest dog breeds out there, Beagles are fun-loving bundles of joy! Energetic, tolerant, and always ready to play, you can see why they will get along well with children, especially the boisterous ones.

That said, given their temperament and energy, it’s only natural that they love to exercise and will require plenty of it to avoid boredom vices. They are also incredibly sweet, loving, and loyal, which means that if they have a household that is constantly full of warmth and company, they will become the best guardians for your children.

Do take note, however, that if you have an infant, a Beagle may not be ideal just yet because they have a tendency to bark, which stems from their ancestry as hunting dogs. Beagles also thrive on company as previously mentioned, so if you aren’t able to provide the necessary attention because you have to focus on your infant, we recommend waiting till your baby is more grown up and independent.

7. English Bulldogs

7 Dog Breeds Best for Families with Kids

Source: Isaac Davis on Unsplash

English Bulldogs are very loyal family companions. Despite being a “bully”, these gentle critters actually love sleeping, cuddling, and lying on someone’s lap. Friendly, docile, and laid-back, English Bulldogs tend to do well socialising with strangers and new dogs.

While they do require their daily dose of exercise, they aren’t very active pooches, which makes them suited for fur-parents who prefer to stay in and chill! Just bear in mind that you need to be extra careful when taking care of them as their short snouts may lead to higher chances of overheating. Simply schedule regular visits to one of the vets in Singapore and you will be fine.

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