6 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Pet

6 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Pet

6 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Pet

It’s time show your favourite furry friend some Valentine’s Day love with these paw-some gifts this February 14th! Dog or cat, lovable lazybum or endearing glutton, there’s something for everyone to show your pet how much you care.

For Some Puppy Love
1. The Perfect Snuggle

6 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Pet

Source: Ginger and Bear

As much as you love your pet, you won’t be able to provide cuddles all the time. The Snuggle Bed from Ginger and Bear lets your pet know that they are loved even when you’re not around! Made with dirt-resistant canvas on one side and faux fur on the other, your pet can cuddle up regardless of the temperature by using either side depending on how warm or cold they feel. This bed can be moulded to any shape so that your furry pal can huddle up inside, use it as a pillow or any way that makes it feel secure and happy. Machine washable and dryer friendly, you can keep this clean and use it for a long time thanks to the furniture grade craftsmanship.

Snuggle Bed, $93 from Ginger and Bear

2. Travel in Style and Comfort

6 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Pet

Source: Woofer and Purrlensky

Are you and your pet frequent flyers? Then, travel in style with the Wellington Cooling Blanket from Woofer and Purrlensky! The cooling faux fur on one side is wonderfully soft and equally as comfortable is the gorgeously designed cotton terry on the other side. Give this to your best fur-iend knowing that it means even more amazing adventures together in complete comfort and at the height of style. Machine washable, don’t be afraid to take your best friend with you regardless of where you’re heading!

Wellington Cooling Blanket, $33.90 from Woofer and Purrlensky

3. Sweets for the Sweet

6 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Pet

Source: Isa Pets and Bakes

While chocolates may be out of the question, you can still gift your canine some Valentine’s Day treats. Choose from a tantalising range of Pansy Cupcakes to Ombre cakes (if you’re having a party) to biscotti from Isa Pets and Bakes.

Made with 70% organic ingredients and 100% natural, fresh produce, you can be sure that your dog will be well fed. In fact, the main courses available look so tantalising that you might want to forgo the candlelit dinner, order a main for your pet and have dinner with it instead! If Honey Glazed Pork Ribs sound good, the food from Isa Pets and Bakes is so wholesome, humans can eat it too! Although there’s no added seasoning so you might want to add your own.

For Some Kitty Kisses
1. Look Date-Night Purrfect

6 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Pet

Source: GOOOD Pet Collars

Cats love to spend tons of time cleaning and primping and preening whether or not they have a date coming up. Present your feline with GOOOD’s Cat Collar that is perfect for a Valentine’s Day evening in with you or any day your cat feels like looking fabulous. Patterned with sleeping kitties in adorable designs and smattered with paw prints with a matching orange frill, it’s the purr-fect gift! Even better, every cat collar bought will lead to a donation to any of three animal welfare organisations, so you’ll be helping out another furry friend with your purchase!

GOOOD Cat Collar, $27.80 from GOOOD Pet Collars

2. If It Fits, I Sits

6 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Pet

Source: Furrplay

The best way to show your love for your cat? Buy it something that you know it’ll adore. Well, toss those cardboard boxes aside because the Blue Ferns and Butterflies Cat Canoe from Furrplay is just what your cat has been looking for. Made with 100% cotton, the cat canoe is flexible and compressible, meaning that even the larger felines can get in and your feline can sit in any way it finds most comfortable. Made of washable material, your cat can use it over and over again!

Blue Ferns and Butterflies Cat Canoe, $62 from Furrplay

3. Be My Valentine

6 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Pet

Source: Pets Actually

Of course, your heart already belongs to your beloved feline, but no harm in making that even clearer than with the Yeowww! Lick Me Bite Me Catnip Toy from Pets Actually. Filled solely with premium, organically grown catnip and made with quality cotton twill material, your cat only gets the best with this toy. Regardless of whether or not it decides to show some tough love and follow the instructions on the heart, the cotton twill should withstand any amount of mangling your cat wants to inflict. Each toy is carefully hand sewn so that’s an extra dose of love you’re giving to your kitty with this toy!

Yeowww! Lick Me Bite Me Catnip Toy, $15 from Pets Actually

Throw the rigid notion of Valentine’s Day only being for lovers out the window and share the love with your faithful furry friend with these paw-mazing presents!

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