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6 Things All Rabbit Owners Should Note

6 Things All Rabbit Owners Should Note

6 Things All Rabbit Owners Should NoteCredit: https://nypost.com/2017/11/08/poland-tells-shrinking-population-to-multiply-like-rabbits/

More than just adorable furballs, rabbits are great companions that require a fair bit of work. Like cats and dogs, rabbits have unique personalities and are capable of being trained.

Contrary to popular belief, rabbits don’t always spend their days munching on carrots. From their love for playtime and timid characters, below are six factors all potential and existing rabbit owners should take into consideration.

Rabbits are social animals

Not matter how much time you’re able to spend with your pet, rabbits are social animals that need to be with their own kind. If you’re thinking of getting a rabbit, be sure to get them in a pair so that both these bunnies will have each other to play with and to count on!

Rabbits excrete often

The digestive system of rabbits differs from regular pets. Unlike cats or dogs, rabbits are required to eat incessantly, to ensure the functionality of their guts. This inevitably results in their increased excretion. While this cleaning up may sound like a chore, you’ll be glad to know that rabbits are capable of being litter trained.

Rabbits love to play

Rabbits love to play and keep busy. The busier they are, the happier they are. From running around to chewing on toys, rabbits love to be mentally and physically stimulated. From chew toys to tunnels, there are several ways to keep your bunny busy. Rabbits also love to chew through items such as cardboard tubes or egg cartons; keep things interesting by hiding a treat within some handmade chew toys!

Rabbits can be destructive

Rabbits are chewers and will chew on almost anything that they can lay their paws on. In rabbit-proofing the house, do be sure to protect your wires and personal belongings by covering them up or placing them in high places. One way to minimse damage is by allocating a totally rabbit-safe space for your rabbit and allowing it to enter other areas of the house under supervision.

Rabbits are not meant for cuddling

As rabbits are delicate creatures with fragile bones, they may struggle to get back onto the ground when lifted and end up hurting themselves. It is safer and advisable to interact with them when they are on the ground. However, some rabbits may be able to get used to being cuddled if introduced to it properly and in a gentle manner.

Rabbits can die from fright

If you are already an owner of pets such as loud, large dogs or cats, it is not advisable to add a rabbit to the existing pack. Loud noises can shock rabbits to the point of a heart attack, which may result in death.

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