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5 Ways To Get Your Cat In Shape


Taking your cat out for a stroll in a park might be even more tedious than solving a Calculous equation. Unlike dogs, cats are not as active and it is not easy to engage them in physical exercises. Their attention span in active work outs are limited and it only shortens with age. Fortunately, it is not entirely impossible to get your cat to work their feline body! So do not give up just yet, here are five ways you could try to engage your cat with:

1. Invest in a cat tower

Visit any cat café and you will see that the cats’ play pen is littered with towers for the felines to climb, jump or stretch. Similarly, if you own a cat at home and it is getting on the chubby side, invest in a sturdy cat tower! Place their favourite toys or even create a little nook for them in the tower so that they will be motivated to climb on the tower, even for just a nap

2. Use a laser point

No one can understand why cats are so intrigued by laser points but it works in our favour. Shine the laser on the ground from point to point and watch your cat attack the laser points. This activity is a full body work out for your cat! However, don’t expect your cat to be engaged for hours – you should be glad if your cat is entertained for five minutes!

3. Using treats to tempt your cat to exercise

Getting your cat to be fit is about 60% nutrition and 40% exercise. Using your cat’s favourite treats in moderation can help them to stay healthy too. Create a simple puzzle-like toy by cutting out holes in a small cardboard box or simply purchase one from the pet store. Place their favourite treats through the holes in the puzzle-like toy for them so that they have to toggle with it before they can get to their treat! This exercise not only helps them to exercise their body but also their mental health.

4. Exploiting your cat’s predatory instincts

Cats are natural predators and harnessing on their instincts to hunt will allow them to have a productive work out! If your cat is not interested in toys in the shape of mice, try using fake rubber insects instead. Alternatively, you could tie these fake but realistic-looking pests onto rods and dangle them in front of your cat! This aerobic activity will engage their hind legs as well as their whole body. If toys do not interest your cat at all you could try using catnip, a type of cheap flower which could agitate your cat for a work out! However, avoid using the catnip before any stressful situations like a visit to the vet – a feisty cat will really spice things up in the clinic!

5. Utilising household items

Depending on your cat, some of them might prefer playing with paper bags, carpets, or any ordinary household items. These items are a great way to get your cats to move about! Put these household items at various places in the house, especially at high points so that your cat can work out by jumping on a ledge or a shelf. However, do ensure that these high places are safe for your cats to jump about.

6. Changing the venues of their food

Instead of putting their food at the usual spot, change the venue of their food and have them hunt for their food! Select a few spots in the house where it is convenient for your kitty to dine at and alternate between these few places. This method allows them to have a mini work out before their meal.

Cats have really short attention span when it comes to play time so the best way to engage your kitty is to incorporatephysical exercises into their daily routine. For instance, a short work out before meal time! Otherwise, have multiple short exercises lasting from five to ten minutes throughout the day. You might want to avoid getting them to exercise in the afternoon because your cat can never fight the mid-day drowsies! The path to a healthy lifestyle for your cat takes a lot of time and effort so rest assured when results are not immediate. With your love and dedication, your cat will soon be in the pink of health!

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