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5 Ways Pets Keep Owners Happier & Healthier Than Ever

5 Ways Pets Keep Owners Happier & Healthier Than Ever

It comes of no surprise that our quality of life drastically improves once we adopt a loving pet — taking on the responsibility of looking after a four-legged friend just makes us more responsible and even more loving.

In many cases, pets have also been known to provide individuals with mental and emotional support and are often used in therapy. Without further ado, here are 5 ways pets have a positive effect on owners.

1. They give your life meaning

5 Ways Pets Keep Owners Happier & Healthier Than Ever

When you adopt a pet, you take on great responsibility. You vow to take good care of them by taking them to pet grooming services, buying them quality food, and making sure that they have a safe environment to grow up in.

It gives owners a reason for getting up in the morning, and this sense of purpose instilled in us can even keep dementia at bay for the elderly, and help to fight off depression in individuals. Moreover, the sense of responsibility and confidence that comes with it will spill over into other areas of your life, preparing you for the days ahead when you start a family of your own!

2. They provide relaxation and comfort

5 Ways Pets Keep Owners Happier & Healthier Than Ever

“Take a break, hooman. Pet me instead!”

Some breeds of cats and dogs have been proven to be great emotional supporters — Welsh Corgis, Labradors, Ragdolls, and American Bobtails are at the top of this list.

For instance, dogs can sense when you are sad or emotional, which explains why they may put their wet nose on your lap or lick your toes just so that you feel calmer! It has also been proven that by stroking a pet’s fur coat, humans can feel soothed and relaxed.

3. They bring you laughter

5 Ways Pets Keep Owners Happier & Healthier Than Ever

According to psychologists, laughter is therapeutic. Laughing releases endorphins in our bodies, which is a chemical that makes us feel joyful. With pets doing the funniest, silliest things sometimes, pet owners are often always doubling up with laughter, which significantly improves our mood and mindset.

Once you’ve had a good chuckle, don’t forget to applaud them for their efforts and show your appreciation with their favourite treat from the local pet shop! When you give them some love and affection, you’ll get twice of it in return!

4. They make you more sociable

5 Ways Pets Keep Owners Happier & Healthier Than Ever

Your pet isn’t the only one who can make new friends at the pet boarding centre or park — with the aid of your furry friend, you can step up your social game too!

As you take your pet out for a walk or jog, not only are you making yourself more active but also more sociable. When is a cute dog never a great conversation starter? At the same time, if you’re experiencing a depressive episode, being out and about will help effectively in alleviating the loneliness.

Face-to-face interactions are especially helpful, even more so for individuals aged 50 and above. It gives one purpose, makes you feel needed, and helps in taking the focus away from your slightly bad days or mental condition even.

5. They encourage a more balanced lifestyle

5 Ways Pets Keep Owners Happier & Healthier Than Ever

As mentioned earlier, pets instil in us a sense of responsibility because they depend on us for their daily needs, which forces us to establish a structured routine.

By arranging your day in such a way that you have time to go for a walk or play with your pet, feed your pet its meals, and groom your pet, it creates a disciplined lifestyle which prevents us from becoming overly sedentary or reclused.

Health experts have also shown with studies that pet owners tend to have reduced blood pressure and ideal heart rates. In other words, it lessens the need for medication, helps in reducing triglyceride and cholesterol levels, and contributes to a healthier lifestyle overall!

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