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5 Warning Signs Dog Owners Should Look Out For

5 Warning Signs Dog Owners Should Look Out For

5 Warning Signs Dog Owners Should Look Out For

Loyal and loveable, dogs have always been synonymous with being man’s best friend. However, just like every other animal, dog behaviours are complex while signals are often subtle. To better understand our furry companion, we have listed below five signs for potential aggressiveness that all dog owners should pay attention to.

It “smiles” at you 5 Warning Signs Dog Owners Should Look Out ForCredit source: https://www.bigstockphoto.com/image-135285923/stock-photo-enraged-aggressive-angry-dog-grin-jaws-with-fangs-hungry-drool

While it may be known as an expression of joy and happiness, the same may not be true for dogs. When it bares its teeth, the dog may be feeling frightened, angry or anxious. This happens if your pup perceives you or something in the environment as a possible threat. If your dog is showcasing this behaviour, it is advisable to calm it down or not aggravate it.

Hard tugs on the leash 5 Warning Signs Dog Owners Should Look Out ForCredit source: https://static1.bigstockphoto.com/3/2/2/large1500/22346996.jpg

Does your pet tug or pull on the leash during its walks or exercises? Besides being excited for the walk, this behaviour may signify that he is uncomfortable with the leash or is trying to exert dominance.

Dogs are born to exert their dominance when it feels that it does not have an alpha – which should be you. The cause of this may be traced to a lack of quality time spent, where the dog has yet to acknowledged you as its leader. Though it may not pose as a danger to its owner, the pressure from tugging on the leash may result in a strain or worse, break the dog’s neck.

Prolonged eye contact 5 Warning Signs Dog Owners Should Look Out ForCredit source: https://static2.bigstockphoto.com/1/2/5/large1500/52190227.jpg

Maintaining eye contact is a usual practice we partake in during conversations. Prolonged eye contact however, can be perceived as a threatening gesture by your furkid. Especially so for unblinking and prolonged eye contact, do avoid this behaviour to prevent provoking your pet.

Tail movement 5 Warning Signs Dog Owners Should Look Out ForCredit soured: http://www.worldlifestyle.com/trending/how-dogs-communicate

A dog’s tail is a great way way to read your furkid’s emotions. For example, tail wagging is mostly associated with happiness or excitement. But it can also mean that your pup is feeling anxious or uneasy. One way to better understand your pet is to observe the direction of its tail wagging. A happy and excited pup’s tail moves towards its right while an uneasy pup will direct its tail to its left.

“Yawning” 5 Warning Signs Dog Owners Should Look Out ForCredit source: https://static2.bigstockphoto.com/6/6/1/large1500/166849184.jpg

Just like us, dogs yawn when it’s tired, or when it’s a display of intimation. However, if your pup lets out an exaggerated yawn that differs from its usual, this usually means that it’s trying to calm itself.

A dog’s mouth contains high amounts of blood vessels and when exposed to air, cools down. This pretty much means that your dog’s trying to cool its head instead of acting on its anger.

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