5 Tips for the Best Pet-Boarding Experience

5 Tips for the Best Pet-Boarding Experience
 5 Tips for the Best Pet-Boarding Experience
While pet-boarders do their best to ensure your pet’s well-being, it’s important to make some preparations for your pet’s stay – especially if it requires special needs. Listed below are some tips to ensure the best boarding experience for your pet!Pack, Pack, Pack!

 5 Tips for the Best Pet-Boarding ExperienceJust as you would pack for a vacation, it’s essential to prepare essentials including its favourite toys and treats. You may even wish to pack its favourite blanket, to prevent your furiend from becoming overly homesick whilst you’re gone.Preparing a Feeding Care Plan

 5 Tips for the Best Pet-Boarding ExperienceFrom food allergies to special diets, do prepare a detailed feeding care plan when leaving your pet at the boarding house. It’s recommended to prepare extra servings of food in the event of flight delays or unforseen circumstances that prevent you from picking your pet on time. Also, remember to include medications that your pet may require.Sharing is Caring

In addition to meal plans, do have a chat with the team of caregivers at the pet-boarders about your pet – quirks and all. A deeper understanding of your pet will allow the pet-boarding facility to better care for your pet, where caregivers are better able to plan and include pet-related activities throughout the stay.
Pre-Visit, Please
To familiarise your pet with its new surroundings, a pre-visit or pre-stay is highly recommended. Not only will this allow you to gain a better insight into the facility’s operations, the trip will better help accquaint your pet and you to the pet-boarding house.
 5 Tips for the Best Pet-Boarding Experience
Most boarding facilities will require the guests to be vaccinated. As such, do ensure that your pet has the required vaccinations before its stay.The best way to ensure a positive stay is to work with the boarding facility to create a comfortable environment for your pet to live in. By following these tips, you can help to make sure that your pet has as good a time at the boarding facility as it would with you.

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