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5 Things You Need to Know Before Going to Dog Runs in Phase 2

5 Things You Need to Know Before Going to Dog Runs in Phase 2

Pawrents, rejoice! It’s the moment that we, and your pets, have been waiting for. As Singapore slowly regains its momentum with Phase 2 of re-opening, dog runs have also re-opened! We all can’t wait to burst out of the door and get that well-deserved exercise and Vitamin D into ours and our furkid’s systems, but what precautions can we take so that we don’t put them, ourselves, and others at risk of COVID-19? Read on to find out more, and stay safe out there.

1. Sanitise Everything

5 Things You Need to Know Before Going to Dog Runs in Phase 2

From your own hands and your dog’s paws to their collars and leashes, it doesn’t hurt to take the extra step and make sure that you and your pet are hygienic and disinfected. Sanitisers, in little amounts, are not dangerous to your pets.

According to pet poison control, a pet would have to ingest a very large amount of hand sanitiser for it to act as a poison to them. It’s definitely safe to use small amounts on their bodies and paws, simply because it is unpalatable to them to lick it away. So bring along a small bottle of hand sanitiser to clean them and yourself up before, during, and after your visit to the dog run.

2. Keep A Safe Distance

5 Things You Need to Know Before Going to Dog Runs in Phase 2

Make sure that you adhere to social-distancing measures even at the dog run. Although we can’t stop our pets from having fun and bowling each other over, as socially-responsible humans, we should stay at least 2m away from other pawrents. Ensure that you have your mask on at all times too, to protect yourself and your beloved pet.

We’ve all missed our fellow friends and pet-loving kakis, and we understand that it’s only natural that you would want to approach other pet owners in the dog run to find out how they’ve been holding up. However, do refrain from standing too close and engaging in long conversations, for everyone’s safety.

3. Minimise Contact

5 Things You Need to Know Before Going to Dog Runs in Phase 2

Avoid cradling your pet in your arms, and keep their bodies some distance apart from yourself. This is to ensure that there is a lesser chance of transmission of any bacteria from you to your pet and vice versa. This is important as our pets are always so much closer to the ground than we are, or might have unknowingly ran to places that we don’t know about. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, so only hug them after disinfecting them at home.

4. Use Booties & Thin Clothes

Much like our masks, putting our furbabies into booties and thin clothes serves as a basic protection layer for them so that their skin does not come into direct contact with their surroundings. These are easily available on online pet stores in Singapore, and we recommend buying ones that are thin and made with breathable material since Singapore’s weather can get rather warm.

Gently ease your dog into such clothes if they’ve never been dressed up before. Some tips include dressing them up even at home, where they will have more time to get used to the fabric around their bodies, and giving them treats appropriately for their good behaviour when in clothes. When they are outdoors in these clothes, make sure to provide them with plenty of water to stay cool and hydrated.

5. Be Responsible

If you or your dog have shown any signs of being unwell recently, be the better person and continue to stay at home, rather than visiting dog runs. It’s also more dangerous outside for our own pets when their immunity is low, so the best solution is to continue to monitor them at home or to bring them to a vet in Singapore, rather than to expose them or yourself to unknown threats outside. Be vigilant, and we’ll be able to tide out this pandemic together.

5 Things You Need to Know Before Going to Dog Runs in Phase 2

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Till the next time when our doggos can run more freely, stay healthy and stay safe!

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