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5 Signs Your Cat is Bored

5 Signs Your Cat is Bored

5 Signs Your Cat is Bored

Cats are a lot like us – they love being in their comfort zone all the time. However, if they are bored, they can get pretty mischevious! If your kitty is always distant, licking themselves excessively and sitting in one place for long hours, it is a flashing amber sign for us to take note of. When it comes to boredom, cats can cause plenty of trouble when they have nothing to do and don’t feel stimulated.

If you suspect that your cat is suffering from lengthy bouts of boredom, it is important that you notice her behaviour: what your cat is doing, and is she being distant or lazy. This indicates that your cat is getting bored. While all cats are susceptible to boredom, it more regularly with cats who are the only pet in the house. If so, there are plenty of things you can do to perk up kitty and draw her back to her usual, joyful self. Here are some signs that your cat is suffering from boredom, so that you can take the necessary steps to keep her entertained and stimulated.

5 Signs Your Cat is BoredSource: Bahrainstraycats

Excessive preening

If you notice that your cat is compulsively licking her coat (which may be more obvious through bald spots on her fur), this goes beyond her usual instinct to clean, and into signs of boredom. Excessive licking and preening can lead to a skin lesion called granuloma which is a serious health problem. This can be harmful to your cat, as it may induce depression. Mobile pet grooming in singapore is one of the best pet grooming centers for you to bring kitty to, to rectify this problem. However once done so, be sure to spend extra time loving on your furry feline so that she knows you’ll always be there as her favorite playmate!

Excessive eating 5 Signs Your Cat is BoredSource: Cattime

Cats may seem distant and unaffectionate at times, but they crave for company just like any other creature. When they are bored, it becomes hard for them to go on with their daily routines. Just like us, they start eating more when they are bored or depressed. If you notice any changes in your cat’s diet, it may be from having nothing to do, and food constantly available to her. Cats also suffer from human emotions like depression, stress, and anxiety. Take note of how your cat eats and if you suspect it may be more than boredom eating, be sure to send her for a checkup at one of the many vet clinics in Singapore.

Excessive sleeping 5 Signs Your Cat is BoredSource: Petcha

Cats can sleep up to a cumulative sixteen hours a day, so it might be tough for you to inspect any abnormal sleeping patterns. The best way to do so is to keep track of your pet’s sleeping hours. Just like how oversleeping is a sign of depression in humans, it can be one for cats as well. Furthermore, sleepy cats stop grooming themselves, which can affect their overall mental and physical wellbeing. Bring kitty for a visit at pet boarding singapore for some pamper time that will have her feeling fresh and clean.

Destructive nature

Sometimes cats suffer from such great boredom that they cannot control their destructive behavior. Climbing onto curtains and tearing them, or knocking things over are a cry for attention. Instead of shouting or punishing your pet, realize that she wants you to play with her and give her more attention. Spend some quality time with kitty every day, and not only will you have a happier pet, but a stronger bond.

A bully cat 5 Signs Your Cat is BoredSource: Bahrainstraycats

Sometimes cats may have other cats for company, but still feel bored. If a cat behaving aggressively and shows signs of dominance over the other cat, it may be searching for an outlet for its restlessness. Separate the cats for a time and seek professional help to train and tame your cat, while ensuring that you do your part to engage your feline friends as well!

While we all do our best to take care of our pets, there may be times when our pets require more attention, care and love. Be attentive to their needs and never hesitate to seek help from professionals and trainers to give your kitty the best life possible!

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