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5 HDB-Approved Dog Breeds That Provide Great Emotional Support

5 HDB-Approved Dog Breeds Which Provide Great Emotional Support

Dogs are known for being a man’s best friend, and you know that you can always count on them. Loyal, loving, and forgiving, any dog will be able to provide you with company and comfort.

However, some dogs have dispositions that are more suited to provide emotional support and are able to lend a helping hand to hoomans who are coping with phobias, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, and other emotional or psychological needs.

Here’s a look at five small-to-medium-sized dog breeds that are able to provide excellent emotional support! Not only are they HDB-approved, but they are also more suitable for persons with mobility issues because they are easy to lift onto beds for petting and cuddling sessions!

 1. Pomeranian


Intelligent, friendly, and lively, the Pomeranian is the perfect companion for both children and elderly. They naturally have a very loving nature, and they enjoy showing their affections freely, making them wonderful as emotional support dogs!

Do note that as Pomeranians have a double coat and a rather small mouth as compared to the size of their teeth, they will require regular pet grooming services and teeth-brushing sessions.

2. Dachshund

5 HDB-Approved Dog Breeds Which Provide Great Emotional Support

Source: Dominika Roseclay

While they were originally bred to kill badgers a long time ago, Dachshunds make for great emotional support dogs. Besides entertaining us with their quirky characteristics and odd body shape, they also have an affectionate and lively personality, which helps to calm and cheer up individuals with depression, anxiety, and even autism.

3. Chihuahua

5 HDB-Approved Dog Breeds Which Provide Great Emotional Support

Source: Sharon McCutcheon

The Chihuahua proves that you don’t have to be big to be an amazing support animal! Small in size but big in personality and intelligence, these loyal and feisty pooches are highly alert to both verbal and visual cues and commands. Capable of forming strong bonds with their owners, most Chihuahuas are contented to keep you company indoors and will never leave your side, making them perfect for those who require all-around-the-clock support. The best part? Healthy Chihuahuas can live up to an average of 15 – 20 years!

4. Poodle

5 HDB-Approved Dog Breeds Which Provide Great Emotional Support

If you’re looking for a medium-sized breed to help you fight depression or anxiety, a poodle is an excellent option. Highly intelligent, little escapes this dog, making him very in tuned with his owner’s moods and needs. They are also loyal and obedient and they shed in minimal amounts, which makes them less likely to trigger allergies!

5. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

5 HDB-Approved Dog Breeds Which Provide Great Emotional Support

For those who love to cuddle, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is for you! Incredibly loving and affectionate, these dogs are true-blue companion dogs who are quick to learn and eager to please.

Usually easy-going, sweet-tempered, and gentle, Cavaliers love to rest on your lap, or simply be right by your side. However, due to their Spaniel ancestry, they can be a little stubborn or playful, depending on its temperament! Either way, these cuddle-buddies are a match made in heaven for those living with depression or PTSD.

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