5 Benefits of Being a Pet Owner

5 Benefits of Being a Pet Owner

5 Benefits of Being a Pet Owner

With their unconditional love and support, pawrents will attest to the positive difference their furkid has brought to their lives. For many, these furry ones are a pillar of joy and support. At the same time, scientific studies have shown the benefits of being a pet-owner. Apart from cuddles and kisses, here are 5 additional benefits of owning a pet.

Love and Support

5 Benefits of Being a Pet Owner

Not only do they love us unconditionally, our furry friends are also fiercely loyal and are unafraid to show their affection. After a particularly long day, one will find their pet to be a great source of comfort, as well as the perfect listening ear. Pets have also been known to pick up on the negative energy of their owners and will attempt to comfort their owners on these occasions.

Improved Social Skills

A social study on the effect of pets on children derived that those who grew up with pets have better social skills compared to those who didn’t. Pets help children open themselves up with their natural curiosity and engage in healthy social interaction early on, developing their social skills from an early age.

At the same, having a pet also eases social anxiety for those on the older side as it tends to give them a common topic of interest. Creating meaningful social connections with others improves one’s psychological health as well.

Reduced Levels of Stress

5 Benefits of Being a Pet Owner

If you’ve interacted with and petted your fair share of pets, you may have noticed that while petting them, you gradually relax. If you thought that was all in your mind, it’s not.

It has been proven that interacting with pets can lower levels of cortisol—the stress hormone—and increases oxytocin, the stress-reducing hormone.

Improved Lifestyle

5 Benefits of Being a Pet Owner

Pets also push their owners to lead a healthier life. Because of their need to be walked and/or played with, owners are also required to partake in physical activities as well. Not only will being physical improve your health as a whole, but it will also keep illnesses like depression and stress at bay.

Increased Self-Esteem/Confidence

According to the American Psychological University on the benefits of pet ownership, pet owners are said to have better self-esteem, less fearful and more extroverted as compared to those without pets. These participants have also credited their improved levels of self-esteem to their pets.

Additionally, caring for a pet such as taking them for pet grooming in Singapore or for regular checkups at the vet instils a sense of purpose in the owner, which in turn builds confidence as well.

There is a myriad of psychological benefits that pet owners experience, whether knowingly or unknowingly. The companionship, unconditional love, and even comfort pets offer are often essential for many and improves their quality of life significantly as well.

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