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4 Ways to Stop Your Cat From Drinking From The Toilet (And Other Problematic Water Sources)

4 Ways to Stop Your Cat From Drinking From The Toilet (And Other Problematic Water Sources)

Does your cat seem to love drinking from the toilet bowl? For cat owners, the continuous struggle to keep their feline’s heads out of seemingly every available water source but their water bowls is an arduous one. From the porcelain throne to bathwater, drinking from these water sources can be hazardous to your cat’s health and safety. 

These water sources usually contain microbes, chemicals, and contaminants that might be harmful to your cat’s health. This is why we’ve provided some helpful tips that may help to encourage your kitty in drinking from safer water sources: 


1. Cut your cat off from unwanted water sources

4 Ways to Stop Your Cat From Drinking From The Toilet (And Other Problematic Water Sources)

In order to dissuade your cat from drinking out of unwanted sources such as fish tanks, toilet bowls, and bathtubs, cat owners can try making these water sources harder to access. By making sure that they are out of your cat’s reach, you can encourage them to form healthier drinking habits from safer sources of water. 

Secure the lids of your toilet bowls, and restrict access to rooms with showers and baths. However, cat owners should take note that this may not be a permanent solution, as there can sometimes be underlying reasons why your cat may be avoiding its regular water source. 


2. Make sure that your cat’s water is not too close to its food

Cats are clean animals in terms of personality, and much of their behaviour can be explained if cat owners pay close attention to how these animals react to their surroundings. If your cat is not drinking from its water bowl, it could very well be for a good reason.

One possible reason could be that your cat’s water is too close to its food source. A cat’s instincts lead it to equate food with dead animals, which means it perceives water sources too close to food as unappealing or unsanitary. If this is the case with your cat’s usual water source, a simple repositioning of the water bowl could very well do the trick! 


3. Refill your cat’s water bowl regularly

Cats prefer water that is fresher, cleaner, and cooler, and if you have a tendency to leave your cat’s water bowl out for days, the stale and lukewarm liquid may be the issue why your cat refuses to hydrate. Moreover, dust and debris that collects in the water bowl over time may contaminate the water, which may upset your cat’s tummy. 

If you don’t have the habit of changing your cat’s water regularly, try changing your cat’s water bowl at least two times a day to keep it fresh! 


4. Get a water fountain

4 Ways to Stop Your Cat From Drinking From The Toilet (And Other Problematic Water Sources)

Source: AA Aquarium, Cat H2O & Dog H2O

Changing your cat’s water may not be a viable option if your day to day schedule does not allow you to be home regularly, or if you are away from home for long periods of time. Additionally, stagnant pools of water in the wild are not safe as they easily become breeding grounds for harmful algae and microbes, and your cat’s instincts might tell them not to drink from such water sources.

One way you can solve this problem is by getting your cat a water fountain! A water fountain provides your cat with a hygienic water source with all the comforts of toilet bowl water — cooler, more oxygenated, running water.


Never thirst again with the CatH2O Water Fountain

4 Ways to Stop Your Cat From Drinking From The Toilet (And Other Problematic Water Sources)

Source: Cat H2O

If you’re wondering what kind of water fountain you should get for your feline companions, the CatH2O Water Fountain provides all the benefits of a water fountain and more for your kitties. Featuring a skimmer that aerates the water and keeps the water surface free from saliva and slime, it also comes with Dental Care tablets that are designed to work seamlessly with the water fountain, dissolving easily to protect against plaque and tartar build-up, giving your cats healthier gums and fresher breath. 

Made from food-grade and BPA-free plastic, the CatH2O Water Fountain comes in 3 sizes for cats of all sizes, which includes 2L, 4L, and 6L. Dishwasher-friendly with a quiet and reliable water pump, you won’t have to worry about unwanted noises and hassles when washing too! 

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