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4 Ways To Keep Your Cat Hydrated

4 Ways To Keep Your Cat Hydrated

Cat owners, you might be familiar with this problem – your cat is not drinking enough water. As hardy animals whose ancestors lived in the desert, cats are naturally able to survive on relatively low water intake, but coupled with their sensitive temperaments and fussy nature, they can be prone to dehydration. 

To ensure that your cat is getting enough hydration in order to lead a happy and healthy life, here are 4 simple solutions that you can implement at home: 

1. Flavour the water

4 Ways To Keep Your Cat Hydrated

One simple way to make water more enticing to your cat is to add a little flavour to the water. By adding a tiny amount of its favourite food into its water – perhaps some chicken broth – you are associating the water with things that it enjoys, which in turns motivates it to drink up. 

However, it is important to take note every cat is different, and your cat might actually be repulsed instead if you add flavour to its water! 


2. Keep the water running

4 Ways To Keep Your Cat Hydrated

Every cat owner knows that these curious creatures are attracted to sudden and rapid movements. Your cat may, therefore, be more motivated to drink from a running water source such as a water fountain or a tap. Running water is also cooler than still water, more oxygenated, and more likely to be fresh, which may also explain why cats prefer it.


3. Feed your cat various small meals

4 Ways To Keep Your Cat Hydrated

Before you end up giving your cat a feast, it is important to note that we are not encouraging cat owners to feed more food to their furkids! After all, feline obesity is a serious issue. Rather, cats usually drink after a meal, so by splitting the usual amount that they eat in one day into smaller meals over the course of the day, you can “trick” your cat into visiting the water bowl more frequently. 


4. Replace dry food with wet food

4 Ways To Keep Your Cat Hydrated

Last but definitely not least, cat owners who feed their cats dry cat food might want to reconsider feeding their cats wet canned food instead. Dry food is extremely low in moisture and contains a measly average of 10% water as compared to wet food, which contains a much higher water content at 80% – it will definitely keep your kitty way more hydrated! 


Your solution to hydration and nutrition

4 Ways To Keep Your Cat Hydrated

One such wet food alternative is Jolly Cat’s canned food for cats, which is nutritious and gentle on the digestive system. Suitable for cats who prefer watery food and elderly felines who have difficulty swallowing, their gravy canned food is enriched with DHA and other natural ingredients such as tuna and salmon. 

A total of 12 delicious flavours are available to cater to even the pickiest eater, 8 of which are made from white meat, and 4 which are red meat, as an option for cats that may detest eating white meat.

4 Ways To Keep Your Cat Hydrated

For cats who prefer a solid food alternative, Jolly Cat’s canned food jelly also contains plenty of water content. Made with nutritious, real white meat and available in 7 delicious flavours, Jolly Cat also aids in the development of your cat’s skin and fur.

If you’d like to get your hands on some Jolly Cat canned food, Noble Advance supplies them to a variety of pet retail stores in Singapore. Simply contact them at 6367 7668 or to find your nearest store!


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