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4 Ways to Establishing A Relationship with Your Dog

4 Ways to Establishing A Relationship with Your Dog

4 Ways to Establishing A Relationship with Your Dog

Most pet owners treat their pets like a family member by talking to it, cuddling it and basically treating it like their child. This might be especially true for dog owners and it’s not surprising to see how well dogs respond as they grow accustomed to our behavioural cues and speech patterns.

Research has also proven that the understanding between dog and owner is genuine. Every dog owner can attest that dogs are able to understand human emotions and language. While this might seem like a natural response, here are a few ways dogs and humans communicate and bond to establish a loving relationship.

Eye Contact 4 Ways to Establishing A Relationship with Your DogSource: Gloriousa

One way to bond and grow closer with your pup is to maintain eye-contact respectfully. Research has shown that when humans and dogs maintain eye contact, it increases levels of oxytocin – a hormone associated with maternal bond and trust. This helps to build a better relationship with your dog as you may grow to identify and understand the communicative cues from its eyes.

Petting 4 Ways to Establishing A Relationship with Your DogSource: PetMD

Stroking or petting is also another way to improve the understanding between human and dog. Stroking has been proven to lower blood pressure and is a calming activity for both dogs and humans. This is also the perfect way to calm your pet should you bring it for a visit to the vets in Singapore or for a grooming session.

Understanding Human Emotions 4 Ways to Establishing A Relationship with Your DogSource: Theloveconfidant

Dogs are not just able to understand human speech, but they can also read human emotions as well. They have exhibited a trait known as gaze following. This essentially means that dogs follow the human’s actions, to observe them. This is possibly one of the many reasons as to why dogs are able to understand and identify human emotions. According to Duke University’s Brian Hare and Evan MacLean, dogs have proven to be more capable in understanding human cues as compared to apes or chimps. This trait might explain why dogs are some of the more common animals used for emotional support and why your pups are able to offer comfort when you’re sad, stressed or tired.

Understanding Human Language 4 Ways to Establishing A Relationship with Your DogSource: ScienceMag

Research has also shown that dogs have the ability to understand human speech and identify the various tone used as well. Researchers believe that dogs are tuned in to human speech due to our coexistence with them over the years. It is also evident when dogs respond to us positively during training. As mentioned, dogs are able to identify the tone used, hence how you speak to your dog matters. It has also been proven that meaningful words said without emotions had no effect on the dog as compared to when it was said encouragingly. As a pet owner, it’s best to keep this in mind especially when you’re training or building a relationship with your dog.

Similar to the importance of communication in other relationships, it is just as important with your dog. It’s essential that you are able to identify and understand your pup's cues as well. This is can be done by identifying their facial expression, body language and barking patterns. Being attentive to what your dog is trying to communicate and helping it will strengthen your bond, trust and relationship. It’s also best if you are able to build a relationship with your dog as soon as it is a pup. This way, it will be easier for you to identify their specific cues as well. However, even if you start off with a grown dog, this cues can be learnt along the way.

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