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4 Smart Pet Toys Your Pets Will Love

4 Smart Pet Toys Your Pets Will Love

4 Smart Pet Toys Your Pets Will Love

Entertaining your pet is one of the many ways to bond with them. Whether you choose to play, exercise or teach them tricks, it’s the time spent together that counts.

While we may be busy with our day-to-day tasks, neglecting your pet should never be an option. After all, you’re all that your furkid has. Though time might be insufficient, a little attention and technology can go a long way. While you might not physically be able to interact with your pets, these gadgets might just be the perfect solution!

Petcube Play 4 Smart Pet Toys Your Pets Will LoveSource: Amazon

The wonders of technology have come a long way. With Petcube, be equipped with the ability to spend quality time with your pet remotely. The cube camera comes equipped with two-way functions that allow you to chat, watch and play with your pet. With additional features such as a laser, your pet--specifically cats--might enjoy chasing after it. You may also choose to make up for lost time by pampering them the way they deserve with a trip to Singapore’s best pet grooming services.

CleverPet Hub 4 Smart Pet Toys Your Pets Will LoveSource: Silicon Valley Robotics

Said to be the world’s first game console for dogs, the CleverPet Hub keeps your pup busy while stimulating its mind. Equipped with various games to keep your dog busy and out of trouble, this gadget also allows you to understand your fur-kid better. Additionally, each time your pet successfully completes a challenge, it gets a treat. You will also be able to monitor its progress as well as food intake in order not to overfeed your furkid with treats.

The Puppod 4 Smart Pet Toys Your Pets Will LoveSource: Smart Animal Training

Stimulate your pup’s mind and keep them busy while you’re at work with the Puppod. It is a multi-level puzzle toy that will prompt you to give it a treat each time your pup completes a puzzle, which can be achieved through an additional treat dispenser. This product is also said to offer additional health benefits like mental stimulation, improved digestion and reduced separation anxiety, among others.

Gosh! SmartPult Ball Launcher 4 Smart Pet Toys Your Pets Will LoveSource: Kohepets

The SmartPult Ball Launcher by Gosh! is an automatic ball launcher will spit out balls for a game of fetch! This ball launcher can also be used if you come home to an energetic dog waiting to play. With launch distances of three, six and eight meters, adjust it to suit the space of your home.

Technology has made it possible to keep an eye on your pet while you’re away and keep it occupied, physically and mentally. While these gadgets make things more convenient, it shouldn’t be your permanent replacement. You should still continue to set aside time–even if it’s a few minutes–to spend some quality time with your pet.

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