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4 Signs Your Pet Fish May Be Stressed

4 Signs Your Pet Fish May Be Stressed

4 Signs Your Pet Fish May Be Stressed

Usually mistaken for low-maintenance pets, one may be surprised to learn that fish require just as much effort, care and attention as their furry counterparts. And just like dogs, cats and other critters, fishes are capable of feeling stressed. From diet changes to displays of atypical behaviour, listed below are indicators that your pet may be stressed.

Gasping at the Surface

It’s rare to catch a fish gasping for air at the tank’s surface. Fishes are usually seen swimming within the water and tend to rise up to the surface during feeding sessions. However, if your fish is often spotted gasping at the surface, this may be a sign that your fish is stressed. Usually a result of bad water conditions or harassment from tank-mates, it’s recommended to clean out the tank and/or to isolate your pet from the others for a period of time and to keep it under observation.

Appearance Change

4 Signs Your Pet Fish May Be Stressed

Source: discus

Another clear sign of a stressed fish is when it experience a change in appearance. For instance, the Discus fish see a darkening of its skin when stressed while other species may grow pale and lose their body markings. In such cases, it’s recommended to consult vets in Singapore.

Abnormal Swimming Patterns

When stressed, your fish may begin displaying abnormal swimming patterns. Form swimming into the aquarium walls to leaning to a particular side when swimming, consider seeking professional advice if the behaviour persists.

Decreased Appetite

4 Signs Your Pet Fish May Be Stressed

Source: The Aquarium Guide

As with other pets, fishes can experience a decrease in appetite. If you notice more leftover flakes in the tank than usual, continue to observe its appetite over the next few days. While this isn’t an immediate cause for concern, it shouldn’t be brushed off as well. However, if your fish’s appetite doesn’t seem to improve, it’s best to visit a vet for professional advice.

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