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4 Indoor Exercises To Help Your Cat Lose Weight

4 Indoor Exercises To Help Your Cat Lose Weight

Easy exercises for your indoor cat

It’s safe to say that most of us agree that a fat cat is an immensely – pun intended – cute cat. Alas, being pudgy is not good at all for its health, so here are some simple activities that you can ‘trick’ your cat into doing to help them clock some much-needed exercise: 

1.  Treasure Hunt

4 Indoor Exercises To Help Your Cat Lose Weight

If your cat has a favourite toy or is easily motivated by food, a ‘treasure hunt’ for the said prize will allow your kitty to get some movement going. While it’s not exactly the most cardio-inducing kind of exercise, it’s a good start for cats who are used to a sedentary lifestyle. 

Simply place the toy or treat in a place that is relatively easy to spot but hard to reach, so that your pet will be motivated to try and get to it and exert physical effort while doing so. Usually, places that are high up like the top of a table or shelf will require the most effort from your cat! 

2. Walkathons

4 Indoor Exercises To Help Your Cat Lose Weight

Source: @theebrunoba rlett

Perfect for those who have a cat tower at home, organise a mini ‘walkathon’ right before mealtime by pulling a trick out of the Pied Piper’s book – walk around the house for a little while with your cat’s food before feeding them. 

Your cat will follow you around and you can take this chance to help them clock some steps about the house! Even better, make them scale up and down the cat tower before giving them the food. Of course, don’t forget to shower them with praises and occasional nibbles to encourage and entice them. 

P.S. Try not to stretch this exercise out for too long or your cat may get upset – a hungry cat is an angry cat! 

3. Stair Climbing

4 Indoor Exercises To Help Your Cat Lose Weight

Cats are curious by nature due to their hunting instincts and intelligence, so make good use of that to help your pudgy kitty shed some weight by turning your home into a place full of nooks and crannies to explore! 

Whether it’s by clearing some space on your table or shifting a shelf to fill up an empty space, create “stairs” for your cat to scale the various furniture you have at home and tight spaces for it to investigate. Once your cat has explored all possible routes, rearrange some things just to spice it up a little so that your cat can regularly venture “off the beaten path”.

4. Shuttle Run

4 Indoor Exercises To Help Your Cat Lose Weight

Source: @theebrunobarlett

Turning up the dial on the exercises is the ‘shuttle run’ –  the cardio to get your cat’s heart pumping! Instead of feeding your cat treats directly from your hand, slide it – or throw it, your pick – across the room to make your cat sprint for it. 

Once your cat has successfully gobbled down the treat, get your cat to come back to your side by shaking the bag of treats or waving another treat about! Of course, since you will be using treats for this exercise, make sure to reduce its meal portion for the day accordingly or all will be for nought.

A holistic exercise and diet plan

4 Indoor Exercises To Help Your Cat Lose Weight

Source: @stripe.thecat

Exercise and diet go hand-in-hand to help ensure that your cat doesn’t become overweight, so if your tabby is looking a little tubby, make sure to reassess your usual feeding plan as well! 

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4 Indoor Exercises To Help Your Cat Lose Weight

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