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4 Illnesses Humans can Pass to Their Pets

4 Illnesses Humans can Pass to Their Pets

Know when to stay away from your precious pet

As a pet owner, you may enjoy giving your pet all the attention, care, and time it needs without any qualms. Unfortunately, you can also give your pet your diseases or illnesses, which is a process called reverse zoonosis.

While it is generally uncommon, it can happen when proper precautions are not taken, and may even result in pet fatalities. To prevent that from happening, read to find out which are the 4 most common illnesses that can be passed on to your furry friend!

1. Influenza/Flu

4 Illnesses Humans can Pass to Their Pets

Just like how you can catch the flu if you are in contact with someone who is already infected with the influenza virus, your beloved pet may get infected by your virus too when it is constantly in close contact with you due to the virus’ air-borne nature.

Similar to that of human beings, the symptoms of influenza in animals like cats and dogs include respiratory problems and inappetence. Death, while uncommon, is the worst-case scenario, and the first recorded case of a fatal human-to-feline transmission of the influenza virus happened in 2009 in Oregon. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, so make sure to avoid your pet even if you feel like curling up with it when you are down with flu!

2. Salmonella infection

4 Illnesses Humans can Pass to Their Pets

Humans get salmonella infection by food poisoning or transmission via human-to-human contact or human-to-animal contact. Likewise, your pets are vulnerable to salmonella infections spread by the transmission of the bacteria from you to them!

Abdominal cramps, fever, and rashes are some common symptoms of the infection to look out for, so keep your pets away from you and only in disinfected areas of the house if you yourself are down with salmonella.

3. Giardia

Another common sickness due to poor hygiene practices or environments would be giardia infection. This infection is passed on by drinking unclean water, and both you and your pet alike are equally susceptible to it!

Always take note to change your pet’s water regularly and make sure that you use filtered water only. If it consumes drinking water that is contaminated or exposed for a long time, it may get infected and start exhibiting symptoms of diarrhoea.

4. Smoking-Related Diseases

If your pet is a passive smoker at home due to your own smoking habits, chances are, they are likely to suffer from cell damage, cancer, and breathing difficulties as well. If you wish to prolong your pet’s life, it is recommended to either quit smoking or head outside for a puff.

4 Illnesses Humans can Pass to Their Pets

While it’s not an everyday occurrence, trans-species transmission of diseases can happen if good hygiene is not practised. Just to be safe and a responsible pet owner, stay away from your pet when you’re sick next time!

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