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4 Benefits of Feeding Your Bird A Pellet Diet Instead of Seeds

4 Benefits of Feeding Your Bird A Pellet Diet Instead of Seeds

“What do birds eat?” For most people, the first answer that comes to mind would be bird seeds. However, it is a misconception that birds only eat seeds, and in fact, seeds are far from an ideal dietary option for your feathered friends! Instead, pellet foods are easily supplemented and nutritionally-optimised for domesticated birds, making them much better dietary alternatives for your birds.


1. A diet optimised for domesticated birds

It might make sense to feed your pet bird seeds as seeds are part of a wild bird’s diet. However, even wild birds do not eat a purely seed-based diet, which contains unhealthy amounts of fat and lacks over 30 essential nutrients, including vitamin A, which is vital for a functioning immune system. In fact, putting a domesticated bird on a high-fat diet might result in unwanted behaviours such as screaming and biting. 

This is because high-fat diets provide birds with excessive energy, which domesticated birds do not need as they engage in lesser physical activity as compared to their wild counterparts. Pellet diets, on the other hand, have a more robust and balanced nutritional content, making it a healthier choice for your feathered friends.


2. Eliminates selective eating

4 Benefits of Feeding Your Bird A Pellet Diet Instead of Seeds

Is your feathered friend fussy about its food? Pet birds have a propensity to be picky eaters. While bird seeds can come in many varieties and mixes, a stubborn bird will likely sift through the pile of seeds and consume only the ones they find more palatable. 

This means that even if you provide a nutritionally-complete seed diet for your bird, it may not necessarily benefit from one. On the other hand, the ingredients in pellet foods are grounded and mixed evenly, which means that even the pickiest pet gets a more wholesome meal.


3. Less cleaning up

4 Benefits of Feeding Your Bird A Pellet Diet Instead of Seeds

One of the biggest inconveniences of feeding your bird a seed-based diet is the inevitable mess that you have to clean up. Seed mixes often comprise of ingredients such as cracked corn, which your bird may not eat, and some seeds require dehulling, all of which result in waste on the floor. 

However, food pellets are usually 100% digestible, and your pet bird is less likely to sieve through the pellets to pick out ones that it doesn’t like. This makes the amount of cleaning up you have to do a lot less than if you feed your bird a seed mix. 


4. Can be easily supplemented

4 Benefits of Feeding Your Bird A Pellet Diet Instead of Seeds

Your feathered friend needs variety in its diet. That being said, adding some diversity to meals can be hard, as birds are naturally highly-selective with their food. They may not even recognise anything outside of their usual meals as edible! Thankfully, pellet foods can be easily mixed together with cut or mashed fruits and vegetables, which birds love, and be used to supplement your bird’s diet and meet its nutritional needs.


Get a pellet food for the right size and species

4 Benefits of Feeding Your Bird A Pellet Diet Instead of Seeds

Source: ZuPreem

Pet owners looking for a suitable pellet bird feed can try ZuPreem’s brand new PastaBlend coming out this December. Containing essential nutrients and vitamins for your pet bird, they come in 3 sizes to cater to different breeds and sizes!

Especially great for our picky feathered friends, these pellets also act as an extra treat because they are shaped just like pasta, an all-time bird favourite! Moreover, PastaBlend contains no artificial colouring or additives, and the pellets come in various colours, shapes, and sizes to provide mental stimulation and entertainment for your birds, allowing them to engage in their natural foraging instinct.

4 Benefits of Feeding Your Bird A Pellet Diet Instead of Seeds

Source: ZuPreem

For pet owners with more exotic breeds of birds, their NutBlend pellet food range is suitable for Conures, Caiques, African Greys, Senegals, Amazons, Eclectus, Macaws, Cockatoos, and more. Nuts, while delicious and attractive to birds, are similar to seeds in terms of high-fat content – let your pet enjoy all the deliciousness of nuts with NutBlend’s natural nut flavourings and shapes instead while they remain healthy and nourished! 

To find out how more about ZuPreem’s bird pellets, simply call Adec Distribution at 6443 9055 or drop an e-mail to to find out where to get your hands on them. 





This article was written for Adec Distribution.

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