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3 Reasons Why You Need to Start Shopping for Pet Supplies ASAP on Clubpets’ E-Store!

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You might have heard that we’ve recently launched our very own E-store — Singapore’s first pet-centric e-commerce platform, to be exact! A brand new initiative that we’re extremely excited to unveil, you’ll be just as excited to start loading up your shopping cart by the end of this article because of these 3 rousing reasons:

1. We’re having a massive Christmas sale! 

Clubpets E-store

As pet owners ourselves, we know how easy it is to get carried away when shopping for our pets. From high-quality pet food and gourmet treats to spa-like grooming necessities and toys, we only realise how big of a dent we’re making on our wallets at check-out, and we sheepishly pay for it all anyway because pampering them is our guilty pleasure. 

To relieve the strain on your wallet for once — or to give you a chance to go doubly crazy — we’re holding a massive Christmas sale of up to 70% discount! Valid from 22nd December 2021 till 3rd January 2021, the brands on sale include crowd-favourites such as:

  • Adec Distribution
  • Amber Art Gallery 
  • Noble Advance
  • Paw Glam
  • Rein Biotech

Here are some goodies you won’t want to miss out on!

Left: Gex OSOTO Roller 
Right: Ferplast Carrier Atlas 5 Open Top

  • Gex OSOTO Roller
    • Price: $113.50 (U.P. $227)
    • Discount: 50% off
    • Shop here
  • Ferplast Carrier Atlas 5 Open Top
    • Price: $19.45 (U.P. $38.90)
    • Discount: 50% off
    • Shop here


  • Custom Pet Portrait Oil Painting Package (45x60cm)
    • Price: $490 (U.P. $950)
    • Discount: 48% off
    • Shop here


Left: Gex Pure Crystal Clear Flow 
Right: Northwest Naturals Beef Freeze Dried Nuggets

  • Gex Pure Crystal Clear Flow
    • Price: $27.89 (U.P. $42.90)
    • Discount: 35% off
    • Shop here
  • Northwest Naturals Beef Freeze Dried Nuggets
    • Price: $34.32 (U.P. $52.80)
    • Discount: 35% off
    • Shop here


Left: Super Pet Stoneware Cavy Dish 4″ 
Right: AIXIA Kenko-can >15Yrs Skipjack Tuna Paste

  • Super Pet Stoneware Cavy Dish 4″
    • Price: $3.71 (U.P. $5.70)
    • Discount: 35% off
    • Shop here
  • AIXIA Kenko-can >15Yrs Skipjack Tuna Paste
    • Price: $0.94 (U.P. $1.45)
    • Discount: 35% off
    • Shop here

2. You’ll be helping animals in need! 

Not every animal is fortunate enough to enjoy the comforts of a loving home, as it rightfully deserves. We feel the same desire as you to provide these innocent critters with a better quality of life, so part of the proceeds from the abovementioned Christmas sale will go to an animal welfare group

Donations to animal welfare groups are always needed and much appreciated because they are often volunteer-run organisations and non-profit organisations, and these donations are used to feed, shelter, and nurse strays and rescues. It doesn’t help that rent is often not cheap, and most of the animals at animal shelters tend to be handicapped and seniors, which means more expensive vet bills. 

Coupled with the recent COVID-19 pandemic limiting their manpower and preventing them from holding their regular fund-raisers, their operations have taken a beating, to say the least. 

3. There’s no better time than now to pamper your pet!

Life is many things. It’s beautiful, it’s magical, but to put it bluntly, it’s also short and just like a box of chocolate, as Forrest Gump’s mother famously said — you’ll never know what you’re going to get. In other words, there’s no better time than now to shower your pet with the best of everything, so get shopping! 

Not to mention, ‘tis the season of giving. Surprise your pet with a present (or two) of its own, and secure your spot as The Favourite Hooman in its heart! Here’s a list of Christmas gift ideas for our canine friends — in it are items that are also currently on sale as part of Silversky’s exclusive promotion with Clubpets. 

Stay tuned for more to come!

Since our inception in 2002, Clubpets has constantly evolved to enrich the lives of both pet owners and pets. Today, we are the nation’s longest-running pet publication and most importantly, a fun-filled, solutions-based pet-centric platform where you can go to for pet guides and supplies with peace of mind! 

Thanks to our strong ties in the industry diligently built since day one, you can be sure to expect exclusive prices on our E-store, as well as a wealth of educational reads written with the advice of professional veterinarians, helpful guides, and a comprehensive directory of animal clinics and other pet-related services.

Check out our E-store here!

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