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Coco's Profile

Hello everyone, I'm Coco!

I'm the ambassador of clubpets magazine and like everyone else in the office, I go to work from 9-6pm every Monday to Friday.

Sometimes, I go for events during the weekends and this usually happens by the time I get home.

coco-iconHere are a few of my favourite hobbies.

  • Eating
  • Sleeping
  • Playing with my favourite toy

Right now, I am able to do ‘Paw’, ‘Sit’, ‘Down’,‘Flip’ and ‘Stay’. I am still in the process of learning new tricks but for now, here’s a video of me when I know that it’s time to go home.

coco hobbies and skills image

coco-iconAsk Me Questions

coco ask me questions image

I usually have nothing much to do when I am not busy eating and sleeping so please drop me a few questions here and I’ll try my best to answer them quickly.

coco email image

coco-iconQuestions For Coco:

  • 1. Coco, are you a girl or boy?

    I am a girl! People tend to mistake me for a boy but noooo I am a girl. Do I not look like one?

    coco question 1
  • 2. How old are you?

    Hey peeps! I will be turning five on the 16th of June this year. That makes me a witty, communicative and gorgeous being always ready for fun! Hehe. I added the gorgeous part but all of my friends can attest to that ;)

coco with question

coco-iconHappy Birthday Coco

coco-iconCoco's Treat of the month

My favourite treat for this month:

Wellness TruFood Cocochia Bakes​ (Chicken, Beets & Coconut Oil)

Wellness TruFood Cocochia Bakes is all natural, slowly baked from fresh chicken to retain the raw proteins. They are grain-free, enriched with chia seeds and coconut oil to keep our joints, skin and coat healthy. More yum yum for my tum tum!

month of the treat

coco-iconCoco's Blog

  • coco blog icon

    What Makes a Pomeranian

    Date: 02/06/2017

    Hi everyone!

    This week, I want to give a shoutout to all my fellow Pomeranian friends. If you are blessed with a Pom companion in your life, you will know how much fun we are. Right? …Right?

    Sure, we can be a lot of work sometimes. Due to our coat, which may I add makes us very pretty, we need to be brushed and groomed regularly. Mummy also chides me for being stubborn from time to time.

    When I refuse to drink water when I’m told to, for example.

    I also get bored quickly and may demand attention, but it’s only because of my super friendly nature!

    Friend… Play with me… I am more fun to look at than your computer screen…

    Once you give me your undivided attention, I promise to show you what great fun I can be! There’s nothing I love more than being active and satisfying my curiosity. (And food!)

    Look at how quickly I ran to catch my favourite mousey toy! Fetch is the best game ever.

    I hope that with this post, I have inspired you to get a Pomeranian pooch of your own! I guarantee you won’t regret it.

  • coco blog icon

    Coco Wants a Sibling

    Date: 20/05/2017

    Hello again friends

    Have you wondered why I enjoy blogging so much?

    When I am blogging, I feel like I have lots of friends to talk to and therefore less lonesome.

    Don’t get me wrong, I have lots of exciting toys to play with and they keep me plenty entertained.

    Everyone in the office is great fun to play with too, but sometimes they are busy with work. After all, humans are humans, and no matter how much I love them, it’s not the same as playing with my fellow doggy friends.

    Now playing: Lonely — Akon!

    It is times like those that I wish I have a sibling; someone who will always be by my side when Mummy goes to work. I can just imagine how lovely it would be to have a little sister — I can play dress up with her and go for grooming and spa sessions together! Having a brother would be awesome too — we can wrestle together and take turns to prank each other!

    Do you think if I send lots of signals to Mummy, she will get the hint and get me a sibling? Hmm… I guess it doesn't hurt to try…

  • coco blog icon

    Coco’s Favourite Treat

    Date: 19/05/2017

    Hey there friends!

    Sorry that I haven’t blogged in a while; I’ve been such a busy pooch. I’ve missed you guys!

    While I was busy preparing for events and attending them, I found myself feeling tired more easily. However, Mummy’s been rewarding me for being a good girl with these Orijen Biologically Appropriate™ Tundra Dog Treats — they really boosted my mood and motivated me to work harder!

    Orijen uses a freeze-dry method to freeze the water content in the ingredients and turn them into vapour so that the savoury taste and nutrients of the meats are retained in their concentrated from — with no added preservatives. So yummy!

    These treats are 100% natural, made using 100% fresh wild boar, goat, venison and Arctic char meat. 100% recommend! The next time your paw-rents go food shopping for you, tell them to swing by Pet Lovers Centre or browse through Lazada and get you some Orijen goodness!

    #NotSponsored #I’mNotAnInfluencer

  • coco blog icon

    Coco’s Morning Routine

    Date: 20/04/2017

    Hi friends!

    A few days ago, I was showed a video of Topi the Corgi on YouTube. He did a “morning routine” video, which is a popular type of video among the beauty guru community on YouTube.

    Since I like all things to do with beauty and lifestyle, I decided to give it a go on my blog! So here’s my morning routine…

    My morning always starts out with me staring into the air and wishing that I have more time to snooze. Mummy’s friend snapped this photo before I even realised what was going on, so I apologise for my “morning face”. (But it’s still cute, right? Right?)

    Every time I feel too lazy to wake up, I think about breakfast and it is all the motivation I need to get going. Not only because I love to eat, but also because breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Without breakfast, I will not have the energy to play later on. Promise me you will never miss out on breakfast, alright friends?

    After breakfast is done, it is then time for me to pick a “toy of the day”. Sometimes I might pick two or three. I do this so that I will not keep rummaging through my pile of toys throughout the day and end up making a mess.

    I will play with the toy(s) for a while, and then it is finally time to pick an outfit and get dressed! This is my favourite part of the morning aside from breakfast.

    What’s your morning routine like, friends? I wonder if there are a lot of similarities, or if you do things differently than I do. Share it with me in the comments!

  • coco blog icon

    Coco Cools Down

    Date: 11/04/2017

    The heat has been unforgiving lately, hasn’t it, friends?

    These past few weeks, I feel more and more like the air conditioner is the best thing to ever be invented on Earth. (Besides the internet, because how else would I be able to update my blog?)

    Now and then, I feel bad for using so much energy, so I have the air conditioner switched off and just sit in front of the fan instead. This is also more fun as, full disclosure, I can pretend that I am in a music video with the wind blowing through my hair. Doesn’t help that the weather’s been too hot for me to feel like doing anything other than lie down and daydream.

    All that aside, the main reason why I started this post in the first place was to remind everyone to stay hydrated! It is of utmost importance as you go about your daily lives under the sweltering sun.

    Take care, friends!

  • coco blog icon

    Behind the Scenes of a Paw-toshoot

    Date: 07/04/2017

    Hi friends!

    This week, I’d like to share some behind-the-scene pictures from clubpets’ photoshoots! As clubpet’s ambassador, I am actively involved in the fashion spread for each of our print issue. It’s really fun!

    I get to try on lots of pretty outfits and pose for pictures. Usually, some of my friends also join in for these photoshoots, so it’s a great time for all of us to hang out and play together. (But I do love it when the spotlight is on me, hehe).

    Sometimes, some of the outfits are a bit loose for a tiny pooch like me, so the team will have to make some adjustments. I try to be a good girl and keep still while they do this.

    Everyone works hard to make the set look good. Every prop is positioned and angled carefully to ensure the best photo composition.

    The latest photoshoot I did, with Max the Pug and Latte the Westie, was for a travel themed spread in our latest magazine — issue 63! It’s out now and if you haven’t grabbed your own copy yet, well, what are you waiting for? Not only is it full of cute pets (like my friends and I), it is also full of useful information. Get yours at a newsstand, or subscribe to receive our digital copies here!

  • coco blog icon

    Coco Goes Grooming

    Date: 27/03/2017

    I went for my grooming session last week and thought it’d be fun to share my experience with you guys!

    I go to The Lovely Pets twice a month. The groomers there are so lovely and take such good care of me.

    Time for a bath! Scrub-a-dub-dub… Or should I say scrub-a-pup-pup…

    All fresh and squeaky clean now!

    Mummy chose the Microbubble Spa Therapy for me. It’s a Japanese spa technology which creates billions of nano and micro bubbles, making the skin smooth upon contact. It’s just like the water in Japanese hot springs, which are also known as onsen! It is able to clean dirt and kill bacteria from the skin without the use of chemicals. It’s so gentle on the skin!

    Share with me in the comments at the end of this page who is your groomer of choice, and which of their treatments you like!

  • coco blog icon

    Coco Enjoys Spring Time

    Date: 21/03/2017

    Even though we don’t get to experience the four seasons in Singapore, I still think that spring is my favourite season. I would love to be able to travel to another country and witness their spring time. Japan, for example, would be a great destination in spring, thanks to the cherry blossom season!

    I can just imagine how it would be… Crisp air, perfect temperature, pretty flowers blossoming — what is there not to love?

    Not to mention, I really like spring fashion! All the floral prints? Yes please!

    However, Mummy is a busy lady and we can’t go off on a holiday anytime soon. I’m still trying to come up with more plans on how to happily spend spring in Singapore. Having a picnic is definitely at the top of my list.

    If you are planning on having a picnic too, the Singapore Botanic Gardens is a good location! More than 10,000 species of flora is spread over the 82-hectares tropical garden — perfect spring vibe! There’s also a pet friendly restaurant, Casa Verde, which you can read up about in the upcoming issue of clubpets (issue 63). Not long more to go till it hits newsstands, so keep your eyes peeled!

  • coco blog icon

    Coco’s Star Sign

    Date: 17/03/2017

    Recently, my interest has been piqued in the subject of Astrology. I think that it’s so cool how movements in the outer space can effect the behaviour of beings on Earth!

    Can you guess my star sign based on these three traits?

    1. People say that I can be rather mischievous sometimes, but I prefer the word “playful”. But that’s normal, right? Half the joy of being a dog is playing with all my friends, both humans and animals alike.

    2. Not to blow my own horn, but I have been told that I am a smart doggy!

    3. However, one of my less desirable traits is that I can be quite indecisive. But just look at all these toys! How can you expect me to pick just one to play with?

    So, are you able to determine my horoscope yet? If you guessed Gemini, you are absolutely correct! Gemini’s, symbolised by the twins, are known to be playful, smart, and at times indecisive.

    Share with me what your horoscope is, and if your personality matches the supposed traits of the star sign!

  • coco blog icon

    Coco Wants to Go on a Holiday

    Date: 22/02/2017

    It’s been quite some time since I went on a holiday. I hope Mummy books a trip soon so that my wanderlust can be satisfied!

    I might have been a bit to eager and have already packed. Any time Mummy has the tickets ready, I’m ready too!

    Although, the problem with packing too far in advance is I’m not sure what kind of clothes to bring along.

    Will we go to a cold country? I would quite like to be all wrapped up in a jumper or scarf and just sit by the fire in a cosy log cabin.

    On the other hand, I have the perfect hat for a summer vacay and have been wanting to show it off. I also love running around on a sunny, sandy beach with the calming sound of waves crashing onto the shore.

    But alas… I guess daydreaming will have to do for now. I know the week-long break from school is just around the corner, so I hope you have a pawesome holiday!

  • coco blog icon

    Coco’s Valentine’s Day

    Date: 15/02/2017

    Some might think that Valentine’s Day is overrated, but personally, I find the extra dose of love in the air quite a delight.

    It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a romantic partner to enjoy the day with. You can celebrate love with friends and family too! And that’s exactly what I am doing today.

    My first plan of the day is Netflix and chill…literally. Just watching Netflix, and chilling by myself. Loving yourself is important too, so I’m having some me-time.

    Next up, I’m going to hang out with my gal pals! I like to turn Valentine’s Day into Galentine’s Day.

    But as usual, I am the first to arrive and everyone else is late… Look at me about to fall asleep in my special Valentine’s dress while waiting for them!

    All in all, Valentine’s Day is a happy day for me. I don’t feel lonely even though I am single, because I know that I am loved by my friends and family.

    Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

  • coco blog icon

    Coco Maintains a Healthy Lifestyle

    Date: 08/02/2017

    Hi Everyone!

    The 15 days of the Lunar New Year celebration is almost over. I definitely had lots of fun last week! Maybe even too much fun... Now I am worried that I have put on weight.

    But I take comfort in knowing that I am probably not the only one in this predicament. Readers, you share my woes too, right? How can we not, with all the yummy food throughout the festivities?

    Here's what I am doing to get back in shape. Hopefully it will inspire you too!

    Step 1: Eat healthier

    I'm a lucky pooch because Mummy takes care of my diet well.

    Eating healthy doesn't mean the food cannot be yummy... Look, I wolfed down my meal in no time!

    Step 2: Exercise

    If you don't like working out, try different activities and see which one is the most enjoyable for you! I'm still trying to figure it out for myself too... Maybe swimming?

    Step 3: Monitor weight

    After all the hard work put in, the only way to make sure that it has paid off is to keep track of my weight.

    Good luck everyone!

  • coco blog icon

    Coco’s Long Weekend

    Date: 01/02/2017

    Thanks to the second day of Chinese New Year falling on a Sunday, we get to enjoy a long weekend! Aside from celebrating the festivity, I also made sure to set aside some time for my favourite hobbies. Can you guess what they are?

    Playing with my toys tops the list! Mummy spoils me with lots of fun toys, so I use this time to play with all of them.

    One at a time of course.

    Watching lots of TV is a must whenever there is a holiday. What are your favourite movies or TV shows? Share with me so that I can watch them if I haven’t!

    Now, if only the TV will load quicker…

    Coco loves sleep! Well, who doesn’t? The long weekend is perfect for catching up on sleep.

    See you guys in my next post! Meanwhile, I’m just going to have a snooze…

  • coco blog icon

    Coco Gets Ready for Chinese New Year

    Date: 25/01/2017

    Chinese New Year is coming up and even though it isn't the Year of the Dog, I'm still super excited about celebrating the new year!

    Check out my brand new CNY outfit! I can't wait to show it off to all my family and friends.

    The humans have been snacking on lots of yummy-looking treats this week. I wish I could eat some too, but I've been told it's not good for me. I think I'll trust the humans on that one.

    I wish the humans would let me play with these orange balls!

    I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend celebrating CNY with your families!

    See you next week,


  • coco blog icon

    Coco and friends!

    Date: 09/12/2016

    Wow, you guys. Can’t believe another week flew past just like that. And it’s time for this week’s blog post again!

    Week flew by so fast I didn’t even know.

    For this week I am letting you guys in on a little something special! Something we the people at clubpets has (tried) to keep it under wraps. Except for the insta-stories and lil sneak peeks. Until now.

    Alright. You heard it here first! So, I guess you’ve seen some snaps of my friends or me on this pretty bed.

    It’s for… Coco’s calendar for 2017!!! Yaaaas. That’s why I invited some of my lovely friends for them to be calendar stars.

    Me & Chiyo the shiba geisha! She’s a born model I tell ya. From one professional to another, she did really well:)

    I mean, you already who this is. Flapper!

    Waffles the beautiful sheltie, so agile :D

    Of course there’s gonna be Muffles! :)

    Obviously, these aren’t the final shots. This is just the product of my amateur iPhonography.

    Which is why… you need to stay tuned for the final product. I’ll let my designer peeps do all their magic!

    Catch you next week xx,


  • coco blog icon

    Coco Top 5 Favourite Moments in 2016

    Date: 02/12/2016

    Hiya everyone! I cannot believe it is December already! This year whisked past us in a flash. Little me just can’t keep it! Anyhoos, let us reminiscence some of my top five favourite moments this year!

    1. My birthday celebration!

    I mean, this has to top the list! I was given so many goodies and had an awesome photo shoot.

    2. Meeting Muffles

    Thanks to our clubpets peeps, I got to meet Muffles the Westie! Always my designated play date/model for many photo shoots and occasions. He’s even invited to my birthday party~

    3. All ‘Bout Canines event

    Because here is where I got to meet the handsome local actor Romeo Tan! Plus I had so much fun prancing around at the event. :D

    4. Being in bags

    I wasn’t a volunteer is all of this situations. Them humans put me to it but they always seem to laugh endlessly when it happens. I don’t even understand but I guess they love it.

    And the last one…

    5. Being supercalifragilistically cute

    And you know it! Adorable is what I do best, besides doing tricks for treats. I will work when it comes to treats. Yum yums.

    Till next week,


  • coco blog icon

    Coco’s Run For Light blindfold walk x Guide Dogs Association of The Blind.

    Date: 18/11/2016

    On the 5th of November, my Mummy brought me to the Run For Light teaser blindfold walk in Orchard Road!

    Run For Light is actually a cool organisation that empowers the less fortunate communities by creating awareness for them through marathons and walks like this.

    This walk is organised in association with Guide Dogs Association of The Blind and participants have to blindfold themselves and walk for 1 km. Participants and passersby can then understand and raise awareness for Guide Dogs Association of The Blind.

    It was a huge success! And everybody had loads of fun, myself included.

    When I returned home from the walk. Zonked out in a minute post dinner. So much walkies but so much fun!

    Till next week,


  • coco blog icon

    Coco Hide & Seek

    Date: 10/11/2016

    Sometimes things get a little boring at the office... so I get them to play hide & seek wimme.

    Come play with me will ya :D

    I count & you hide. You should know the rules.

    Wow I wonder who’s that… you’d think she would hide herself better haha.

    Hey girl I see ya from a mile away. But, hello!!

    Oh, oh! Now it’s my turn to hide. Gots to scoot.

    Till next week,


  • coco blog icon

    Coco’s Treat of the month!

    Date: 03/11/2016

    Wow, you guys can you believe it. It’s November already! Christmas season is near and I can just smell it in the air. Or, maybe it's my treats. Or maybe, it’s Wellness TruFood Cocochia Bakes.

    Yaaaas. I dart to this packet when I heard it shaking. I know it’s new treats!

    It even has my name on it! It is meant to be~

    Oh wow. This looks interesting… looks kinda like those red cake I see you guys always eatin’. Something something like red velvet cake?

    Jobelle, my PA/PR manager/baby sitter told be this Wellness Trufood CocoChia Bakes is a baked superfood! And she sounds pretty impressed by it. Me? I have no idea what that means but it sure tastes good!

    Give. It. To. Meh.

    She also explained that it is slow baked to retain more raw protein, 100% grains & colouring free! Naturally coloured by the Beets, packed with chia seeds and coconut oil for better joints, skin and coat. I’ll take all of it thanks.

    Sorry, I’m dozing off from my too-much-treats coma…

    Till next week,


  • coco blog icon

    Coco at All ‘Bout Canines event!

    Date: 28/10/2016

    Hiya! What did you guys do over the last weekend? I spent mine over at the All ‘Bout Canine event! So excited to be there and I even got Mummy to let me pick out a cute dress.

    Me before being whisked away to the event. Mummy dressed me to the nines for it!

    Super thrilled to be able to meet some of ya!

    And one friend happened to be...

    Local actor, Romeo Tan! Hee hee.

    Well, I was tasked to walk around and look pretty at our booth. I think I did my job pretty well.

    I met so many friends and had so much fun! Already looking forward to the next event so I can meet more of you guys! Come by next time to get your goodie bags :D

  • coco blog icon

    What Coco Thinks of the CP team: Jobelle

    Date: 21/10/2016

    Helllloooo! Ahhhh, just taking a little short break to update my blog from prepping for our event tomorrow! In case you wanna catch this pretty face (hehe) I’ll be there too ;)

    Clubpets is the official magazine for the event, from 11am – 9pm!

    Anyhoos, today I shall continue the series of me reviewing the Clubpets peeps. And today is... Jobelle’s turn!

    She’s part of our editorial team and is also my personal assistant & PR manager haha. Yes, sometimes when I am too busy I get her to post my beauty shots and update this blog & social media for me.

    While I was taking a break for my looong to-do-list, I crept up to her desk to accompany her for a bit. Hehehe

    Yeah, yeah. Here’s my paw since you kept asking for it.

    I’m gorgeous and I know it. Thanks Jobelle for this model shot. This is going into my portfolio!

    Oops. Break time’s over. Gotta zip off now! See you guys at the All ‘Bout Canine event ok :D

  • coco blog icon

    What Coco thinks of the CP team – Nicole

    Date: 14/10/2016

    Hello buddies, how’s Friday coming along? Mine’s coming up okay. Just bumblin’ around as usual...

    Today I shall continue my series of reviewing these peeps at the Clubpets office!

    Introducing Nicole, our dearest editorial intern. Alright, this post might come a little too late because she has since left us to continue her studies. As much as I don’t wanna admit it, I do miss her. Which is why I go to her table every now and then :)

    Hello, what’s up with the constant cuddling huh?

    Anyhoo, Nicole is also known to me as the girl who keeps trying to pet and cuddle me.

    Evidence as below:

    Uh yeah it gets comfy sometimes.

    Not up for grabs!

    Alright let’s end it with a nice picture of us together in happier times.

    Come see us (me) soon okay! Good luck in your future endeavours!


  • coco blog icon

    Coco’s baaaack!

    Date: 07/10/2016

    A big big hello! Yes, yes, I'm back from my leave! It's so good to see everyone in the office again after so long! Okay, not that long but you know what I mean. After what seems like forever, I'm just glad to be around my clubpets peeps :)

    Same ol’ me. Chilling under the table while they have their weekly creative meetings. Sometimes you gotta take a back seat and let them run the show ;)

    Don't worry, more of me to come next week. This is just a sneak peek. See you real soon!

  • coco blog icon

    Coco On Leave

    Date: 30/09/2016

    Heya peepo! Not sure if you guys know but I am currently on leave. Don’t worry - I am not majorly ill or anytime. I needed a holiday, just like you ;)

    Yup, that’s right. You gotta take a break from the hustle to find yourself and re-charge. Well, this lil pom here decided to catch up on her rest. Snacking, chilling, barking at strangers – you know the usual stuff.

    I love to sneak onto Mummy’s bed when she goes out to work. *devilish grin*

    Oh hi there mum, I totally didn’t do anything bad in your room! I swear on my treats!

    Love it when Mummy comes home, so she can take me on my walk. I am so ready!

    Ahhh, I just love waking up to no alarms on a weekday. Don’t you? I will be back as soon as I can! Meanwhile, try not to miss me too much yeah :)

  • coco blog icon

    The Secret Life of Coco

    Date: 19/09/2016

    Hey peeps! How you guys after the weekend? Me? I’m feeling all sorts of lazy...

    You know you tend to feel that way after a weekend from doing so much or nothing at all.

    Anyhoo, today’s post isn’t about that. It’s about my secret life as cute pom. Have you guys seen that movie called “The Secret Life of Pets”? Recently we gave away tickets and hampers to three lucky winners! Don’t be sad that you missed it though. Clubpets always has a monthly giveaway you can participate!

    Most of you know that I report to work at Clubpets office everyday, BUT you guys don’t know what I do right?

    Today, I am ready to reveal my top secret position. To all of you Coco’s blog readers, are you ready?

    I am secretly the Chief Operation Officer of the clubpets office.

    I conceptualise.

    I manage.

    And, I execute.

    See, I told you my day at the office ain’t easy!

    Like you, my weekends are super precious. It’s hard to get up from bed on a cosy Saturday morning.

    Sometimes chill by the pool or my swanky swing chair.

    My life is pretty cool, I know ;)

  • coco blog icon

    Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

    Date: 15/09/2016

    Woohoo! It’s Mid-Autumn festival today and it means moon cake season! (Honestly, I hear them getting super excited over this ‘moon cake’ thing and I don’t get what is it all about? I don’t get to eat it anyway!?)

    Sadly, none of this is for me.

    Can you believe they made me stay here and take pictures with all these cake thingy and I can’t even smell or eat them?

    My humans are not so heartless I guess. They gave me some treats afterwards. So I guess it’s all good for me (even though I had to struggle for it)

    Nevertheless, here’s a more apt picture for the occasion:

    *Due to budgeting concerns we’ll have to make do with emoji lanterns and tea.

    Have an awesome mid-autumn festival dear friends! Eat lots of mooncake! :D

  • coco blog icon

    UPDATE: How Coco REALLY feels about Sophia now

    Date: 09/09/2016

    So, you guys already know how I feel about Sophia right. BUT. Things have since changed in the clubpets office, yes. In the short span of two weeks, I find myself not growling at her anymore? Why?

    Here’s why:

    Is it Sophia or is it Pikachu? The world may never know.

    One thing’s for sure, is that I am super chill when she carries me with that Pikachu cape on.

    Have a paw-some long weekend ahead you guys! To my dear Muslim readers, have a great Hari Raya Haji! Go get that Rendang and Kueh-Kuehs >:)

  • coco blog icon

    Coco’s favourite treat of the month

    Date: 02/09/2016

    Hello friends! Today I’m here to share with you one of my favourite treats this month!

    I wonder what’s inside this box ...*Sniff sniff*

    Huh? What did you say? Did you say treats?

    O-m-g. It’s treaaaaaaatsss!

    Amongst the box of goodies, Raw Rewards Treats Wild Caught Salmon was what caught my eyes.

    Raw Rewards Treats Wild Caught Salmon is absolutely suitable for both dogs AND cats! Isn’t that great? These single ingredient freeze-dried nuggets is wholly made from wild caught salmon, easy to crumble and used as food topper. So delicieux!

    Yums. No grains, no gluten – more healthy treats for me!

    Of course there are flavours too like chicken liver, pork liver and lamb liver. These delectable bits are kindly provided to us by Rein Biotech Service. Hop over to https://www.facebook.com/reinbiotech for more info! Have a superb weekend you guys!!

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    What Coco thinks of the CP team – Sophia

    Date: 26/08/2016

    *cough cough* Hi guys, how you doin on this hazy day? Urg, the haze is back again. I hope not for long because that just means less walks for us! And I don’t want to be cooped indoors >:(

    Anyway, since we are all probably gonna be stuck indoors. Let me provide you with some entertainment yeah?

    Today, I’ll let you guys know what I feel about Sophia.

    Legit, this is how I feel about Sophia generally. Like. Everyday.

    This woman can’t stop trying to cuddle and I am not about that?

    Of course she ignores that and picks me up anyway. Despite my really aggressive growlings! I have no choice but to succumb to my fate of being a small Pomeranian. #LifeHappens

    When #LifeHappens you have to deal with it. So, when I am in her arms I just make do with it.

    Sometimes I get kidnapped to her workspace and frankly it’s quite nice. I kinda like the second floor more for some reason.

    Alright buddies, that’s it for today. Stay healthy and drink lots of water!

  • coco blog icon

    Coco’s favourite words

    Date: 19/08/2016

    Fellow fur babies, I am sure you have a favourite word. I guess it would something along the lines of ‘treats’, ‘walks’ and ‘car rides’.

    Well, my all time favourite one is ‘treats’. My head and ears twitch and tilt because I know what’s coming up next. Yummy treats.

    Just like this.

    Besides that, I’ve got a new one too and that is...

    “Did you say handbag?”

    Yes, my favourite word now is handbag! It’s because Mummy got me a new one for me for my birthday and now I like it.

    Besides my favourite toy, I also love to go for walks. I mean who doesn’t right? So I kinda like the word ‘gai gai’ too. You and me both right?

    Gots to go now. Catch you guys next week:)

  • coco blog icon

    Coco’s favourite item: Charcoal Pee Pad

    Date: 12/08/2016

    Heya buddies! How you guys doing? Also, A very happy 51st Birthday to Singapore! Don’t know about ya but I happen to love it here:) Hope your guys had lots of fun and walkies on the public holiday like I did!

    Today I want to share with you guys about an awesome possum thing which I like recently and that is...

    The Honey Care U-Play Lavender Pee Pad!

    When it comes to absorption power, it is unparalleled and can last two to three days! Good for our busy mummies and daddies :D

    Oh, did I mention about the lavender scent? Besides attracting me to that area to do my -erhem erhem- it also keeps those odour under control. Yeap, keep that outta my snout.

    See! Thanks to it I got it right! Everybody in the office was so happy and they gave me so much love and attention! Thanks Honey Care U-Play Lavender Pee Pad ;)

    Candid moment: What?? What do you mean I don’t get a treat?! I did it at the right place! You guys betta stop cheating me of my treats...

    Distributed by Silversky, do tell your paw-parent to look out for them when they are out shoppin’ this coming weekend. Ah, this means more walks and car rides for us, wheeee~ Have a great weekend ahead!

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    What Coco thinks of the CP team: Jacky

    Date: 25/08/2016

    This week, it’s my chum’s turn to be rated. Oops, did I give it away too quickly?

    think you guys know it too well already. Jacky is my favourite human in the entire office, besides my mummy of course :D

    Whenever I feel a little drained, I go to this little corner right beside Jacky.

    Mhmm, hmm. Perfect spot for my mid-day siesta.

    Because I know I will get some head and belly rubs. And that, my fur buddies, is a strategic move and you should learn it >:)

    Basically, I am totes okay with him as he dotes on me well and take cares of me. Plus, I really enjoy his tummy rubs and chilling on his lap.

    Overall rating: 4.9/5. Perfect human being. 0.1 marks deducted because he scolds me sometimes when my toilet etiquette is not on point :(

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    Weekday blues

    Date: 29/07/2016

    Like any of my colleagues in the clubpets office, I, as the ambassador of clubpets magazine has to go to work every day too.

    You know there are really some days you don’t feel like getting up for work...

    Today is one of those days

    Despite Mummy Angie’s multiple attempts to coax me out of this spot with breakfast, I didn’t wanna move. Just let me be...

    Eventually, the reality sets in and we have to face the music. I have to move my furry butt out of this comfortable spot. Alas, I still have an important mission to fulfil everyday. The mission of looking super adorable and being everybody’s cuddly toy! Such a tough job, you guys.

    Oops. Meetings got the best of me. Ah, this is what happens when I am forced to leave my comfy place!

    Anyways, have a great weekend ahead!

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    What Coco thinks of the CP team: Eunice

    Date: 20/07/2016

    Hey, how you guys doing on this fine Friday? This means the weekends are near!

    Today, instead of letting you peep at my life with my clubpets friends, I’ll show you what I think of them!

    This week, I’ll let you guys know what I really think of Eunice, our graphic designer. Hee Hee.

    Here’s Eunice and I. As you can see, we are super hardworking okay!

    Hmm, I get along pretty well with her. She is pretty chill.

    Oh, you know those pretty images of me from my birthday, like this? She did all those for me. She took these images and worked her magic. For that, I am so grateful. She makes me look sah good. Thanks Eunice! Could you continue doing that?

    Here’s another of her great work. See what I mean?

    Signing off with another good picture of me ;) What can I say, I have a great PR team! Watch out TayTay >:)

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    The many moods of Coco

    Date: 12/07/2016

    What a sleepy morning don’t ya think? Drizzling cuddly weather.... perfect for more naps...

    Well, here’s an unlikely cuddle buddy: Sophia. Whatever, the weather is too good for it. So good that I’ve lost all my social graces, but my friends still think I am adorable. Whaddya think?

    *stuffs head into Sophia* Ahhhh....extra comfy. I’m never gonna leave this “bed”.

    Wait what? How am I here?? Am I being kidnapped?

    Are you gonna help me?

    Before anyone feeds me.

    After they feed me. 0:)

    All is good when I am full. Since you asked, here’s my paw fer ya.

    Hmmm, I am off to resume my nap! See you guys real soon :)

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    All ‘Bout Canine Next Top Model Fashion Audition @ June’s Pet House

    Date: 29/06/2016

    Just recently, Mummy Angie & I were invited by the cool peeps at All ‘Bout Canines to be guest judges for their ABC Next Top Model fashion audition. Being a glamazon, it is right that I am present ;D

    I certainly met loads of fellow friends and boy, they are dressed to impress! There, I met my fellow peep Happy, a Pomeranian like me too. Pomeranians are the cutest. Don’t you think so? :)

    I was sooo excited to say hi to Happy that I almost jumped out of Mummy’s lap!

    Another little one like me! She is just the cutest thing ever and she’s here to give her older sissy moral support.

    And here’s Myo!

    There was such a huge turn out! Every body had so much fun parading around showing off their good looks. We really had a great time!

    Alright, it’s time for my beauty spa so catch you guys soon!

  • coco blog icon


    Date: 22/06/2016

    Yay! That’s right it is my birthday you guys! I turn big ol’ four on the 16th of June, which makes me a Gemini. That makes me a witty, communicative and gorgeous being always ready for fun! Hehe. I added the gorgeous part but all of my friends can attest to that ;)

    Ah, Mummy Angie gave me a whole lotta of prezzies and that includes this super cute polka dot bed! And also my very own chewnels and chewy vuitton.

    By now, you should be very familiar with Muffles! He joined us for the celebration too. Yay! Thank you for popping over Muffles.

    A winky face for the camera always works! We aren’t excited not just because of the treats behind the camera!!

    oops, you caught me in a moment.

    -furiously sniffing-

    There’s always a camera somewhere around me, so I am always posin’.

    A big thank you to my friends at the clubpets office for celebrating my birthday wimme! May I get more treats and belly rubs >:)

    Also, thanks to The Barkery SG for my birthday cake! Muffles and I loved it very much and we finished it in no time. Muffles even wanted to have my share! Oh, my superbly cute bed is from Little Cherry, just in case you guys need a lil cute one like mine.

    Now we are off to take siesta...


  • coco blog icon

    Behind the scenes of clubpets #60, Coco’s Birthday photoshoot!

    Date: 17/06/2016

    Hey ya peeps! How you doing on this fine week? Me? I am a lil busy because clubpets #60 will be coming out soon and I go around the office providing moral support!

    This coming issue sees the celebration of my birthday! The clubpets team and Mummy Angie brought me to Wagington to have a splashing good time!

    They also invited some of my friends to join the fun as well as starring in the photo shoot together with me

    I am sure you guys are familiar with Muffles, the handsome Westie who was my play date in last issue.

    And here’s Bobo, the chillest English bulldog. He couldn’t wait to jump into the pool!

    We definitely had a ball of a time :D

    For even more fabulous pictures of us, don’t forget to check out our upcoming clubpets #60! Out on stands real soon. Byeeeee!

  • coco blog icon

    Hard at work

    Date: 27/05/2016

    Just so you guys know, I put in my due effort for Clubpets too! Come, take a look:

    Every week, our creative team has a meeting and me being the proud ambassador of Clubpets magazine, has to take part.

    I take what everybody has to say very seriously! Oops, I might have let out a yawn during the sharing session :p But I still thoroughly enjoy listening to it.

    Oh snap. These weren’t suppose to be here!! Oh wells, what’s done is done. Sometimes it gets really cosy in Mummy Angie’s arms and I just…can’t…help it…

    Here’s a sleepy sign off…ZzZzZz

  • coco blog icon

    Happy Paw-day!

    Date: 20/05/2016

    Nay, it is not my birthday (yet!), but my working humans!

    Look at this beautiful fruit cake… That I can’t have!! Gary why are you stopping me?!

    Welp. Looks like I am at the mercy of Gary, our senior graphic designer. Happy birthday? *puppy eyes*

    Alright, here’s another better and happier picture of us together. We actually get along pretty well. Considering how much I pee near his workplace :p

    Oh, lookie! It is Sophia, our account executive’s birthday too. Sorry for growling at you all the time. I really don’t mean it (sometimes I do).

    Sarah, our sales & marketing executive celebrated her birthday this month too! I can’t seem to locate the image in my iPhone…will post it here when I do! Have a great week friends :D

  • coco blog icon

    Brushing Teef

    Date: 27/04/2016

    Hey lovelies! How are you guys doing on such a lovely day? I know, the weather is getting waaaay too hot to handle! Lucky me, I get to hide out with my favourite peeps in our Clubpets office!

    Sometimes my peeps check out my pearly whites for me, just to see everything is shiny and perfect.

    Just yesterday, I got my teeth brushed! What can I say, stayin’ this cute takes effort and a whole glam squad ;)

    A gentle reminder to my human friends and furry buddies, remember to get them checked and brushed regularly! So that your breath will smell fresh all the time (and we might just get more treats hee hee)!

    See you guys soon!

  • coco blog icon

    Jealous Coco

    Date: 07/04/2016

    Don’t get me wrong, I still love mummy Angie the most! But she is a busy lady so sometimes I snuggle up to Jacky instead…

    See how happy I am in my momma’s arms? :D

    P.S: Did you guys catch me at the Pet Expo 2016 last week? This is my 2nd year attending it. It was a whole lotta fun seeing some of you guys! Hope to see some more of you

    I may be small and super adorbs but I am in charge! *Grrrrl*

    This is what you get when you try to interfere my time with my human *stares at Sophia*

    Well, that’s just me being me! Anyhoo, I am not like that all the time okay…

    Look how cute and obedient I am here!

    I’m off to being fabulous again, see you guys real soon ;)

  • coco blog icon

    Sleepy Coco

    Date: 31/03/2016

    Hiya humans. It’s been a while again. You must be thinking what could I ever be possibly doing to be so busy! Well, let’s just say staying glamorous is a full time job. Not to mention being Clubpets’ ambassador? That’s a whole lotta work to do! After a hard afternoon of work, I sneak in a couple of naps to keep myself refreshed ;)

    Well, sometimes it’s after lunch. Food coma is nothing to joke about!

    Look at me dozing off in my cute little cot and blankie

    Here I am with our IT Project Manager, Jacky again. Humans’ arms are quite comfy too :)

    I would post more photos but others are pretty unglam… gotta protect my image! Catch you lovelies soon!

  • coco blog icon

    2015 in Coco’s Eyes!

    Date: 31/12/2015

    Heya peeps, it’s been a while, but I hope you haven’t forgotten about lil’ ol’ me – I’ve been out partyin’ and painting the town red, of course. I have also been giving my humans moral support for the latest issue of clubpets by sitting on their laps.

    It’s a ruff life, but someone’s gotta do it, right? Okay so, I know y’all can’t get enough of me, so here’s 15 of my best moments of 2015 – enjoy, my darlings!

    coco Fabuloso, all day, errday. coco Can you resist my eyes? Nope, neither can they. Works everytime. coco Who wants to cozy up with me? coco #mymantra coco I turned 3 this year! Cake courtesy of the Barkery! coco I ‘ve always known that I was a princess in a dog’s body. coco With IT Project Manager, Jacky – my favourite human in office besides my momma! coco Didya catch me at Pet Expo? Didya? coco I was also at the AVA My Pet, My Family event! Many of you recognised me; you guise so awsum. coco Met with a different kind of dog… Me likey. coco My favourite activities: loafin’ about. coco When I got my PerroBox, someone tried to take it from me; hence the frown. Grr. It be mine. coco And then some days, I just kind of… didn’t know what was going on. You guys have those days, right? coco Pika pika pika, I choose you! coco Minnie Mouse ain’t got nuthin’ on me.